Jan 27, 2021
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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for February 2021

Vasilisa Volodina's horoscope for February 2021

Vasilisa Volodina is one of the most popular astrologers in Russia. Her predictions are filled with positive and useful advice for all occasions. Try to follow them in order to stay afloat even in the most difficult times, such as this February.

The final month of winter promises to be a volatile, but fairly predictable month. Many people expect cute ups and not the cutest downs, but everything will come out to check. Remember, it doesn’t matter how disastrous one week or the other was. The most important thing is to get proper rest to fully recharge your energy over the weekend. This is how you can survive all the hardships of February.

Aries has convenient times for work, but the month will arise from an unpleasant note due to the alphabet of Mercury retrograde. Starting Monday will be the most disliked, so you can use affirmations for a good week. They will help Aries and at any other time to tune in the right way. As for the amorous sphere, the first half of the month may be a time of increasing distance – it is more important not to impose on anyone and be more thrifty in communication. By the beginning of the third decade, the situation will change dramatically.

Taurus will have the opportunity to change their lives, but they need to remember that everything starts not with deeds, but with words and thoughts, because in fact they help change the future. Taurus is not afraid of any predicted fate, no predictions. They can do everything as much as they wish. It is worth listening more closely to intuition. It can become unusually healthy in those situations when it is not clear what to do further. At the end of February, you can pamper yourself with expensive purchases, surprise your other half.

A very bright and memorable time begins, which will most likely remain in the Gemini’s memory for a long time. Very lucky people of this sign in work and business. Financial life will change for the better, like a love life. At the beginning of the month, quarrels and misunderstandings are possible, but it will be airy to check with them using household magic. Strengthening a marriage is not an easy process, but Gemini will check with all the troubles. They will have countless fortunes, which they can use as much as they see fit.

Cancers in February should remember that they form all the events of their lives independently. Great cunning will help them do this with greater efficiency. It is possible that many of the people around them will begin to come to Cancer for advice. You should not refuse such people, because in the future they will neatly thank Rakov. No need to turn away from friends and loved ones. Lonely Cancers will be able to find a soul mate. Their charisma and charm will rise to heaven. You can fearlessly go on dates and get acquainted.

Lions are entering a difficult, but extremely dignified time in which they should devote themselves to introspection. They need to understand themselves and their lives. Cleaning according to the Mari Kondo method will help them in this. Cleanliness in the home is great not only for a correct and efficient thought process. In such an environment, there will be fewer quarrels with close people, headaches and other ailments will go away. At the end of the month, Leo can devote himself to shopping, finding a new job, addictions. A change of scenery will do them good.

Times of very important acquaintances are expected for Devav. Many of them will prove to be fateful, but not all of them will be beneficial. To understand in advance what kind of person has taken on the horizon, you can make a Tarot layout for a psychological portrait. In the business and love spheres, this will be very dignified, since it will help to determine in advance the usefulness of one or another person. It’s not harmful to be tough and unyielding with toxic people. It is impossible to allow tight-fitting ones to show disrespect to themselves, unusually until the 21st – during the period of Mercury retrograde.

Libra will be lucky, so they need to act. There will be no time for rest and idleness in February. It’s time to move from planning to offensive. The technique of an altered state of consciousness will help Libra to fulfill their most cherished dreams. This will be a very suitable stage for work, for a change of path. Libra will probably understand that all these times were moving in the wrong direction. These are the times when everything is likely. You just need to push yourself to this and tune in for the best. Optimism is a constant companion of success.

Scorpios will have to go it alone. The stars and planets are not in the best position, so help from strangers or relatives can be the beginning of new problems. In February, you should not go into debt, take out loans. Even if you really want to buy something, it is more important not to do it. In the first couple of weeks, Mercury retrograde can open up the darkest and lightest sides of these people’s temper. Scorpios should remember their weaknesses in order not to let them rule their lives.

Sagittarius should be more familiar with responsible and reliable Zodiac Signs. Such people will be able to come to their senses for help in a difficult situation by providing moral or financial support. For Sagittarius, the key to productivity and financial success will be their laziness. These are very talented, but sometimes extremely lazy people, who need an impulse to start acting. You need to look for new motivation, and also not be afraid to ask for support from loved ones. This is the ideal stage for teamwork and communication.

Capricorns can be engaged in changing the environment, looking for a new job, training. New acquaintances will suitably affect their fortune. These are good times for love adventures, flirting, romance. You can move to travel, business trips. At this stage, Capricorns can suddenly be attacked by apathy, sadness and fatigue. The horoscope of relaxation will come to the rescue in such moments and will help to successfully switch attention from problems to yourself. The end of winter for Capricorns will be a time of pleasant revelations.

There are five Zodiac Signs with a light aura. Aquarians look to such people, and they should take advantage of the real fact. The time has come to search for new friends, other half, spiritual mentors. The universe will give these people countless new possibilities. Some of them will lie on the surface, while others will be hidden. In recognizing the signs of fate, Aquarius will be helped by their powerful natural intuition. Until the 21st, it is more important not to make expensive purchases and not travel.

Pisces should definitely start the month with energy cleansing at home. It’s time to sweep away bad luck and problems. It is also worth doing information cleaning – removing spam, putting the proletarian’s computer desk in order, removing unnecessary contacts on social networks and on the phone. The life of Pisces will change dramatically more sincerely by the beginning of spring. The first half of February will be serene and unremarkable. It is necessary to get along with optimistic people in more detail and not forget that there is nothing more ashamed than doubt.

Experts recommend keeping plans secret, because success depends very little on this. In February, information flows will be chaotic, so this time can be called the heyday of gossip. Be leaner. Vasilisa Volodina wishes you all the rounder achievements, love and fortune.

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