Jan 12, 2021
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Vasilisa Volodina told how to make lust according to the Zodiac Sign

Vasilisa Volodina told how to make lust according to the Zodiac Sign

In recent times, it has become fashionable to make lust for almost every holiday. Vasilisa Volodina believes that this is not true. She shared her thoughts on what and when to make lust for different signs of the Zodiac.

Very fractionally, people already at the beginning of the path to a dream fail. Their most enlightened mistake is the inability to correctly formulate lust. Pay special attention to this.

It doesn’t matter what kind of helpers you use to achieve what you are dreaming about. It can be a conspiracy, a map of lust, internal practices, and so on. Real lust is thought of once. The most dignified thing that is necessary for its fulfillment is your deeds. It is impossible to simply guess and wait. We need to start acting.

Actually, one of the most popular astrologers in Russia, Vasilisa Volodina, spoke about this. She gave healthy advice to all four elements.

These three Zodiac Signs are very emotional and impulsive. Actually, therefore, the main circumstance for the fulfillment of the conceived desire and the set target will be continuous thoughts about it. If something is hunting, you should think about it in more detail.

It’s very cool to talk about a desire so much as if it has already begun to come true or even come true. Meditations to create a successful future will be very healthy.

To these people, the astrologer strongly advises that it is possible to live more on the topic of your cherished lust with loved ones. It is necessary to tell them about the successes, because for the people of the elements of the Earth, someone else’s praise is extremely stately: otherwise, they begin to think that they are dreaming in vain.

Virgos, Taurus and Capricorns should talk about their plans and the cherished lust for everything to those who will not ridicule them or belittle their importance. Otherwise, representatives of the elements of the Earth can leave everything without even taking it.

People of this element are windy in their thoughts. They talk about desires in detail, but do not begin to realize them. They need to move as quickly as possible from thought to planning and from planning to action.

If the people of the elements of the Spirit delay, their desires and dreams will remain empty words and useless thoughts.

These people are shown by increased sensitivity and susceptibility. It is not so difficult to influence them as if it were people of other elements. This means that very fractionally, their dreams and desires become the result of the influence of their parents, boyfriends and second half, and do not come from themselves.

It is necessary to fix the lust in your mind and ask yourself the blameless question of whose desire it is – theirs or their loved ones. It is necessary that lust should come from the very heart and not intersect with the word “must”. Desire is all I want.

Experts also advise remembering important techniques for fulfilling lust. They will be a great addition to the advice of Vasilisa Volodina. Remember that the birth and embodiment of a dream first occurs in your bowler hat, and only later becomes a part of material reality.

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