Jan 27, 2021
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Vasilisa Volodina spoke about Mercury retrograde in 2021

Vasilisa Volodina spoke about Mercury retrograde in 2021

On January 30, another change in the movement of Mercury will occur. It will turn around and start moving in the opposite direction. Vasilisa Volodina told what it is fraught with, and shared tips on how to cope with problems.

The astrologer shared her thoughts on the upcoming troubles and ways to resolve them on her page on social networks. Do not bypass the Palestinian predictions of Vasilisa Volodina if you do not want to get into a mess.

The retrograde stage will last until February 21. Read for three weeks difficulties await us, but they will not be so terrible. The thing is that in 2021 Mercury will be retrograde in everything in the Signs of the air element. This means that it will be easier to check the turmoil than in 2020.

From January 30 to February 21, Mercury will be in the Sign of Aquarius. It means that problems will affect relationships, love and communication with people in general… Bilateral assistance would make great sense. Do not leave those you are able to help to the mercy of fate.

Vasilisa Volodina notes that these three weeks will often lost documents… Many people will become more forgetful, wrong… Try to keep yourself reminded so you don’t be late for appointments. Do not give empty words, because this will have an extremely negative impact on your reputation.

Huge number incorrect and inaccurate information will be broadcast on TV and on the Internet. Try to spend as little time as possible on social networks. Don’t take what people say at face value.

If any of the above happens in your life, it will be the main indicator that the time has come to think about your life and change your relationship to it. It is necessary to change the principles of managing internal resources.

The astrologer strongly advises suspend purchases… Shopping from January 30 to February 21 is not a great idea. All major purchases that cannot be avoided are more important to make with cash. This will allow you to feel the expenses, it is more important to see them.

Also the astrologer recommends be more condescending to their household, unusual for those who are younger than you and not so sophisticated in life. These people need to be helped, avoiding criticism against them. They will be unhypocritically grateful to you for this.

Remember also that in 2021 there will be countless more retrograde stages like Mercury, as well as other planets. Keep track of the dates of these astrological events in order to understand what you can expect at one time or another.

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