Jul 3, 2020
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Vasilisa Volodina gave advice on how to make a wish during a lunar Eclipse

Famous astrologer Vasilisa Volodina reminded about the lunar Eclipse expected on July 5. During this period, it is possible to make desires, and the presenter told us how to do it to make them come true.

Vasilisa Volodina gave advice on how to make a wish during a lunar Eclipse

During the lunar Eclipse South node, as it is now, it is important to remember, dreams come true, not new, and the weakening or care in the past some active and big process. It is a good time for getting rid of bad habits, conflict resolution, farewell to obsolete yourself links.

However, Volodina advises not to overestimate the importance of rituals in achieving goals. Desire, explained astrologer in Instagram account, often come true if man himself makes to this effort. Otherwise, dreams remain unfulfilled.

The astrologer asked the fans to make a wish right under the post in comments. Followers shared dreams: someone wants to get rid of extra pounds, someone important to leave behind bad habits, physical and psychological problems, illness. One of podeschi wished to quickly "went coronavirus".

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July 5 in the morning (this Sunday) will be another 🌑🌙 lunar Eclipse, which is rich in 2020. The third of four in a row, not the most difficult, but important all the same. Put like ❤ it's amazing, read my materials on the tag #Westonia and forecast on the same topic and consider... ⠀ Always before the Eclipse a lot of questions about how to correctly make wishes. 🔮 Please do not overestimate the role of rituals in attaining life goals. Wishes often come true by Herculean effort than releasing balloons 🎈 and gluing Mimino pictures. My point is, that if we do not change life by their own efforts, desires will remain desires. 😉 ⠀ But to dream that our sister is not banned, right? So, if you have something to make on the eve of this Eclipse, first ask yourself, what are you going to do to achieve the goal? ⠀ Well, keep in mind that when an Eclipse of the moon and the South node (as now), better dreams are not new, and that some active and big process a thing of the past weakened, disappeared from Your life. ⠀ For example, it is good to fight with bad habits, or to say goodbye to obsolete links, out of round problems, to ease the conflict situation. ⠀ Heard? Begin to think now in the comments. It is already possible. 🔮

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