Aug 22, 2022
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Vasiliev goes online

Vasiliev goes online

The host of “Fashionable Sentence” is trying to get rich on trainings on the Internet. And the guru of Internet training, on the contrary, leaned on television … Which of them will succeed more?

“Fashion Sentence” is still mothballed. When the program will return to the air of Channel One and whether it will return at all, no one can yet say. Even the host himself. But Alexander Vasiliev decided not to waste time and learn other ways to earn money. All summer long, the fashion historian sails on steamboats and lectures on fashion topics during river cruises. A week-long trip in the company of Vasiliev costs from 85 to 365 thousand rubles (depending on the direction, cabin class, etc.).

Well, if there is no large amount for a cruise or you are swayed on the waves, then you can join the virtual club of Alexander Vasiliev “Transfiguration”. The project has already gained a foothold on all the most popular Internet platforms and is a kind of image school: Vasiliev promises to completely transform you. And experts will help him in this – a kind of “mental coach”, two makeup artists and an interior designer, since housing will also have to be customized to fit its new image. Since the process of transformation, apparently, is greatly extended in time, the payment is not charged one-time, but monthly – 3 thousand rubles.

Elena Blinovskaya, who became famous for her marathons of desires and trainings on rebuilding life, could share her experience with Vasilyev about making money on the Internet. She has a multi-million audience on social networks and, as the coach herself boasts, billions of dollars in income, which, however, are either exaggerated or hidden from taxation, since, according to the Federal Tax Service, Blinovskaya’s companies are now bringing only losses. Maybe that’s why she stepped from the Internet to television: on the TV-3 channel, the author’s show of the online coach “House of Wish Fulfillment with Elena Blinovskaya” is preparing to launch. And here the advice of TV presenter Vasilyev would be useful to her …

So, where is it more profitable to make money now – on TV, where Elena rushed, or still on the Internet, on which Alexander focused?

– It is impossible to give an unequivocal answer here, – says Elena Khanga, who has worked on TV and is successfully developing her project on the Internet. – If you compare earnings on the Internet and on TV in general, then it’s like discussing the average temperature in a hospital. There are people who don’t get much on television. And there are those who have colossal salaries. And on the Internet everything is the same: someone earns very little, and someone earns a lot. But we must understand that the Internet is a mass grave. How many of those who came to conquer social networks perished there! He came – and did not conquer. And someone was lucky – and everything worked out. But there are few of them.

As for television, there the amount of payments to TV presenters is always a secret with seven seals. Closed Information. Therefore, it is impossible to say for sure whether it is profitable to work there. On the other hand, bloggers do not always tell the truth about their income, they often exaggerate it. It remains to be judged by actions. The fish is looking for where it is deeper, and the person is looking for where it is better. That’s who moved where – from TV to the Internet and vice versa – that, probably, something was missing in the former sphere.

Lydia Mezina.

Photo from the archive of A. Vasiliev.

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