Apr 10, 2021
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Vasiliev drove Rotaru’s youth with a connection with otherworldly forces

Fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev told about the secret of “eternal youth” Sofia Rotaru.

Vasiliev drove Rotaru's youth with a connection with otherworldly forces

The host of “Modniy Verdict” is sure that the mystical alliance, which the 73-year-old singer once concluded, was not without.

The expert said that we are talking about an agreement with some otherworldly forces. Truth, he said it as a joke.

Vasiliev spoke about the secret of immortal youth, which Rotaru is famous for. The fashion expert admires the artist. He likes her youthful appearance and sense of manner.

That the singer looks very young, everyone has been talking for countless years. She retained both her figure and face. Vasiliev called her “a magnificent model for women 50 plus.”

He believes that speaking seriously, Rotaru of the Five knows how to present himself, keeps the right image and leads an active lifestyle.

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