Dec 29, 2020
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Vaping has been linked to memory and concentration impairment

The first study published in Tobacco Induced DiseasesThe researchers found a link between cognitive complaints and vaping among adolescents. The authors of this scientific work analyzed the data of more than 18 thousand people.

Study participants who vaped or smoked regular cigarettes were more likely to report difficulty concentrating, remembering, and making decisions. The earlier a person started smoking or vaping, the more significant the connection was. It was most often reported by those who started between the ages of eight and 13.

Second study published in PLoS ONE, was based on data from the Behavioral Risk Monitoring System annual telephone surveys. Participants were asked if they had “severe difficulty concentrating, remembering or making decisions.”

More than 800 thousand adults took part in the polls. An analysis of their data revealed a link between vaping and complaints of cognitive decline. Smokers and vapers reported about the same degree of cognitive impairment compared to non-smokers.

The researchers emphasize that the data from both studies do not indicate that cognitive decline is a consequence of smoking or vaping. In a study published in PLoS ONE, the authors point out that the relationship may be the opposite: cognitive impairment can predispose people to smoking and vaping. The researchers recall that it was previously known that mental disorders (depression, anxiety) can provoke people to start smoking. It is also known that smokers often believe that smoking can alleviate their mental problems.

Dongmei Li (Dongmei On), the lead author of both studies, recalled that vaping appeared relatively recently, its effects are poorly known. Long-term new research is needed to study its effect on cognitive function. However, the available evidence suggests that active vaping prevention among adolescents is required.

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