Nov 2, 2022
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Valya Karnaval experienced terrible hatred after talking with Larisa Dolina


Singer Valya Karnaval couldn’t even work after the hate.

Last year, Valya Karna.val and Larisa Dolina took part in the Musicality show. The communication of the artists turned into a loud scandal, which is remembered to this day.

Larisa Dolina was outraged that the young blogger on the show could not even hit the notes, although she actively writes songs and performs on stage. Valya then calmly did not begin to listen to criticism. The girl boldly responded to the attacks of her opponent, which led her into indignation.

However, despite the daring act, the blogger later admitted that a quarrel with a famous star took away her self-confidence. It’s all because of the hateful comments from fans and colleagues of the Valley.

I just dropped my hands. Didn’t know what to do. Everyone called me a crybaby, haters. I felt very terrible. I climbed up from this hole. After this release, she did not go to the studio. Came like a hard labor. Thought it was so worthless. Then she just scored. I realized that I need to improve myself further, I can’t stop, I need to go towards my dream”, she shared in an interview with Baste.

Valya Karnaval - photo from the archive -
Valya Karnaval – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Karna.val also explained why she fought back against the Valley so vehemently during the show. “I didn’t have the best period. I am by no means playing the role of a victim. I don’t want to be pitied, but at that time there really was a thrash in my life. Didn’t know how to deal with it. The producer, after two months of depression, simply pulled me out of bed with the words: “If you don’t work now, you will remain in this state.” It so happened that “Musicality” was one of the first in the schedule. When I arrived at the studio, I immediately began to have jitters. I was nervous even from the fact that the camera was turned on me. This whole fight is terrible. I understand that somewhere I was wrong, but I wanted to protect myself. If she behaved aggressively, it was because of the state that was at its peak.”, the blogger recalled.

20-year-old Valya does not exclude her guilt in bullying Larisa Dolina. After all, the blogger’s fans also attacked the singer, accusing her of arrogance. “I’m ashamed of it. Because she is older than me by many years. I must be respectful. That situation threw me off track.“, – she said in the show “Question with an edge.”

Fortunately, the stars managed to find a common language. Valya gave the artist a touching gift, congratulated her on her birthday and even admired her figure. The valley, in turn, also spoke warmly about the blogger.

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