May 30, 2022
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Valya Karnaval called herself the main crybaby on the show


20-year-old singer Valya Karnaval was left without a prize in the show “Stars in Africa”.

The girl lost to Oleg Vereshchagin in the final of the reality show “Stars in Africa”. The actress spoke about her grievances.

Today Valya Karnaval (Valentina Karnaukhova – real name) said that she watched the last episode of the second season of the project in order to feel nostalgic. She assured that she did not regret anything that happened in their camp – neither about the cockroaches eaten, nor about conspiracies. The show was filmed in February. According to a native of Rostov-on-Don, it took her a long time to get past resentment and discomfort.

I don’t regret a single tear of mine, ”Valya explained. – They say that I’m always whining. They call me overly emotional, the main crybaby of the second season. I proudly bear this title. I’m not ashamed to cry, get angry, offended. You know, it’s cool: crying, losing. Losers are very cool upset“.

Valya Karnaval - photo from the archive -
Valya Karnaval – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Karnaukhova believes that she has become a more “adult” head. The popular girl noted that this project gave her as many emotions as she had never experienced before.

Thanks to this show, I learned to communicate with people,” the artist assured. I used to be closed. And this project helped me discover me“.

Valya also showed a video from this reality show. The star burst into tears. “I’m absolutely terrible! I was brought here, on the project‘ she complained.

Oleg Vereshchagin claims that everything happened as he expected. “After the departure of Roma Yunusov, when I was left as one of the men, every day I represented Valya more and more in the final. Because she wanted to win more than anyone,” the 39-year-old comedian said.

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