Apr 19, 2021
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Vali Carnival had a hysteria during a break in Zanzibar

Valyas Karnaval (Valentina Karnaukhova), a popular Russian blogger and tiktoker, found a tick in her hair when she was resting in Zanzibar (Tanzania).

Vali Carnival had a hysteria during a break in Zanzibar

On her Instagram account, she told subscribers that because of this, she had a tantrum. Valyas also added that she has a phobia of her whole life – these are tiny ticks. Karanaval reported that when they were sitting in a mug before dinner and chatting, she ran her hand through her hair and felt that something was wrong. After she had cut off her hand, she saw that it was a tick. She was hysterical, the tiktoker was numbing, and even her legs were cramping with horror.

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After that, Carnival decided on drastic measures. After that, as if Valya came to her room, she realized that if she didn’t plug her ears, that a tick would crawl into them and eat her brain. She found some pieces of paper, shut her ears, and after that she went to bed.

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