Jan 27, 2021
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Valery Zolotukhin’s mistress said that she did not allow the actor to leave his wife

13:05, 01/27/2021

Irina Lindt became the heroine of the program “The Fate of Man”.

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The relationship between Valery Zolotukhin and his young colleague Irina Lindt lasted about 15 years. All this time, the artist was in no hurry to leave his wife Tamara Vladimirovna… Lindt was satisfied with Zolotukhin’s double life, moreover, she herself did not want the actor to leave the family.

Being a married man, Valery Sergeevich fell in love with a young actress. He could easily win her heart. At first, Irina was categorically against these relations, but over time she realized that she could no longer live without an artist.

As Lindt noted, she did not immediately fall in love with the actor, but over time she became attached to him. “This happens when people communicate for a long time, manifest themselves in different qualities. I began to notice his human qualities. He is a man of incredible kindness. And it worked for me. Then he started pulling my pigtails. I didn’t like it though. There was a moment when he was away from the theater for a long time and I realized that I began to miss something. It was the first moment that a person becomes not indifferent, “- recalled the actress in the studio of the program” The Fate of a Man “with Boris Korchevnikov.

Irina Lindt in the show “The Fate of Man”

Lindt admitted that at first she wanted to end the affair with married Zolotukhin, but later she could no longer cope with her feelings. “When you realize that this is your person, then these thoughts go away,” the 46-year-old actress admitted. “I wouldn’t let him get away from Tamara. Because it is his responsibility. Tamara needed him, she had no one. He had no right to leave her, ”said Irina.

Irina added that sometimes she was offended by the fact that Zolotukhin spent a lot of time with his legal wife, who, by the way, passed away in the spring of 2019. However, the actress was able to understand the chosen one. “I knew that he and I had a pure feeling. This was my truth. He had a difficult personal life. In human relationships, it is important when two people understand and accept each other. At some point, he began to come to visit us often. Parents became attached to him. By the way, he is nine years older than my father. We never had a stamp in our passport. The rest was. For me, the stamp in the passport has never mattered. I, of course, sometimes felt hurt when he went to his wife. I could justify this situation, rethink something, ”said Lindt.

Valery Zolotukhin and Irina Lindt

Recall that Valery Zolotukhin was officially married twice. The first time the actor got married in the early 70s with the Honored Artist of Russia Nina Shatskaya. She gave him a son Denis… Soon the marriage of celebrities broke up, and Nina went to the popular actor Leonid Filatov. In 1975, while filming a melodrama Joseph Kheifits “The only” Zolotukhin met his second wife Tamara, who worked as an assistant director on the film. They had a son in marriage Ivanwho committed suicide in 2007. Zolotukhin and Tamara were married until the artist’s death in 2013.

We add that in 2004 Irina Lindt gave birth to a son Ivana from Valery Sergeevich. The actress considers Zolotukhin the main love of her life. And although almost eight years have passed since the artist’s death, Irina is still lonely. “So far, Vanya is the only man in my life,” concluded the actress.

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