Apr 5, 2021
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Valery Todorovsky signed a cooperation contract with TNT

19:45, 04/05/2021

Now the TV channel can be the first to choose the director’s projects.

Director Valery Todorovsky, known for the paintings “Lover”, “Moscow Nights” and “Bolshoi”, signed a priority offer agreement with TNT. Under the terms of this contract, the TV channel will be the first to offer production of projects that Valery Todorovsky and his group of authors are working on. The films created by the director’s team are planned to be broadcast on a television channel TNT and on the video platform Premier… At the time of the conclusion of the contract, the producers of the channel and Valery Todorovsky had already begun work on new projects.

Valery Todorovsky

Valery Todorovsky is a Russian film director, scriptwriter and producer. He graduated from the scriptwriting department of VGIK. In 1991 he showed his painting “Love”, in which he was still a screenwriter. In 1998, a feature film “Country of the Deaf” was released, based on the story “Possess and belong”… The main roles went to Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun. The tape received 3 awards from the Russian film awards “Nika” and was nominated for the highest award at the Berlin Film Festival. In addition, it is included in the list of 100 main Russian films according to the Afisha magazine for 2014.

In 2000, Todorovsky was appointed Deputy General Director of RTR. (later the channel was named “Russia”) for filmmaking. Three years later, he was promoted to advisor to the general director for film and television projects. In the 2000s, Valery managed to work as a host of the program “Panorama Cinema”, which was shown on “RTR”. In 2005, Todorovsky together with Leonid Lebedev and Vadim Goryaninov founded the film company “Red Arrow”. In 2007 Valery decided to leave RTR. The director’s portfolio contains more than 80 films, including series “Butterfly’s kiss” and “The Master and Margarita”, the films “Swing”, “Vise”, “Poddubny” and others.

Alexander Petrov, Valery Todorovsky and Danila Kozlovsky

Recall that last week it became known about the filming of the serial “In two”, which will be shown on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Danila Kozlovsky, Alexander Petrov, Irina Starshenbaum and Elizaveta Bazykina… The series “In Two” tells about the strong friendship of the best friends who went on a business trip to St. Petersburg. There Kostya and Sanya meet two girls who will change the guys’ lives. Valery Todorovsky participates in the film not only as a director, but also as a producer. In addition to him, the team included Anton Zlatopolsky and Vyacheslav Murugov. The series will be filmed in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The exact date of the premiere of “In Two” is still unknown.

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