Jan 5, 2022
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Valery Meladze threw his wife on New Year’s holidays


Singer Valery Meladze is resting at the resort while his wife is babysitting the baby.

Albina Dzhanabaeva really hoped to spend the holidays with her husband Valery Meladze. The other day they were supposed to fly to Dubai together, where the singer is scheduled to perform. He was invited to take part in the Big Art Festival gala dinner. The singer planned to fly there with his wife and daughter Agatha, who was born in April last year. However, on the eve of departure, Dzhanabaeva refused to travel.

As it became known, the couple had to leave for several days. Meladze’s planned trip includes not only a private concert, but also a short vacation in a hot country.

Valery Meladze with his wife and children
Valery Meladze with his wife and child

The musician was supposed to fly to Dubai with his wife, but at the last moment the plans seem to have changed, and Albina was left to babysit her 9-month-old daughter Agatha. Therefore, the luxurious suite of the hotel with an ocean view and costing more than 100 thousand rubles per night, Meladze will take in splendid isolation“, – reports” Starhit “.

Surely a star family will find a way to spend time together after the end of the New Year holidays. Albina, by the way, just recently spoke in an interview about the peculiarities of celebrating the New Year in their family. The spouses started the tradition of celebrating the holiday on December 30, since both usually spend the next day at work.

By the way, last year was not easy for Albina due to the birth of her third child. Although her husband was ready to help in everything, taking care of her daughter fell on the shoulders of the singer. Closer to autumn, Dzhanabaeva hired a nanny so that she could be not only a housewife, but also continue her career.

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