Oct 17, 2021
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Valery Leontiev does not even think of leaving the stage


Singer Valery Leontyev commented on rumors about his departure from the stage.

Recently, more and more reports began to appear that Valery Leontyev allegedly left the stage. In an interview with a KP journalist, he denied these rumors.

I continue to pull the strap. We need to feed the team“, – the artist assured.

Valery Leontiev
Valery Leontiev

According to the publication, during the coronavirus epidemic, Leontyev began to be more selective about speeches and really reduced their number so as not to tempt fate. However, he cannot completely refuse to tour, because he has a team whose work must be paid for.

Valery Leontyev also admitted that he was vaccinated against CoViD-19 in Moscow, although he constantly lives with his wife in America.

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