Oct 16, 2021
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Valery Leontiev calmly read a book on a burning plane


The singer’s friend Valery Leontyev spoke about the artist’s serenity.

The other day there was information about the hospitalization of the musician. The singer’s director immediately denied the speculation and reassured the audience. The artist does not like it when the public worries about him and panics.

Valery Leontiev remains calm in everything. So, the former colleague of the musician Olga Lomova shared a story in which she told how the artist is a serene person.

We flew in an airplane and the wing caught fire. The panic started, everyone started to go crazy. Valera sat, buried himself in a book, read like a frozen stone“- the woman remembered.

Valery Leontiev
Valery Leontiev

The ex-soloist of the show-ballet “Dangerous Liaisons” noted that Valery Yakovlevich also treats illnesses – in no case will he show fear and weakness. “Absolutely not an alarmist. Even if something is going through inside, it will never show“, – said Lomova on” “.

We will remind, on October 11, the media reported that Leontyev was in one of the Moscow hospitals with coronavirus. The alleged 72-year-old musician complained of weakness, coughing and high fever.

However, the director of Valery Yakovlevich denied the speculation and said that the singer is at home and does not complain about anything. According to Boris Chigirev, the artist is not sick with COVID-19, since all tests are negative. Indeed, this is so, or Leontyev’s representative decided not to disturb the public – one can only guess.

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