Nov 16, 2021
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Valery Garkalin’s hand may be cut off


Actor Valery Garkalin is hospitalized with a coronavirus infection.

This Monday, November 15, it became known about a sharp deterioration in the condition of 67-year-old actor Valery Garkalin, who is in intensive care with a diagnosis of coronavirus.

Against the background of the existing complications, the doctors discovered another thing in Valery Garkalin – thrombosis of the arteries of the upper extremities.

The prognosis of doctors is still disappointing. If Valery Garkalin’s condition does not improve in the near future, and the thrombosis continues to progress, the doctors will have to perform an operation to amputate their left arm on their star patient.

Valery Garkalin
Valery Garkalin

“The surgeon has already examined the artist several times. According to his conclusion, Valery Borisovich’s right hand is more or less intact, but the left one is more affected. If the thrombosis progresses and the treatment does not help, then Valery Borisovich’s left arm will have to be amputated, ”KP.RU quotes its source in healthcare.

Recall that the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Valery Garkalin was hospitalized at Kommunarka more than a month ago. He was admitted to the hospital on October 2, tested positive for coronavirus, and CT scan revealed 25% of the lung damage, which progressed every day.

Later, the artist was transferred to intensive care and connected to mechanical ventilation, and then to ECMO. A little over a week ago, Valery Garkalin underwent an emergency operation to pump fluid and air from the chest cavity.

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