Oct 24, 2021
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Valery Garkalin with complete lung damage is in intensive care


According to the press, the actor Valery Garkalin became even worse.

In early October, Valery Garkalin was admitted to one of the Moscow clinics with coronavirus. Almost immediately, the artist was hooked up to a life-sustaining apparatus. The movie star’s condition is getting worse every day.

Valery Garkalin, 67, is in critical condition. The actor’s lungs are almost completely affected. In addition, markers of inflammation increase in the artist’s body – there is a risk of developing thrombosis. A little later, doctors reported that the “Shirley-Myrli” star had sepsis, he was being given a blood transfusion, reports the Telegram channel Mash.

Valery Garkalin
Valery Garkalin

On October 9, the actor was transferred to ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation). At the same time, Garkalin is connected to the ventilator. Doctors are doing everything to make Valery Borisovich’s condition at least a little better.

As you know, the artist’s illness developed against the background of chronic heart problems (the actor had a stroke twice). “In the summer, my dad was vaccinated, as expected, in two stages. But I would not want the message “Valery Garkalin was vaccinated and got sick anyway” was widely disseminated. This can alert and scare people away. But it’s not just about the vaccine. The father has severe concomitant diseases, he has heart failure. In this regard, his health deteriorated, ”the daughter of actor Nick Garkalin shared the details.

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