Oct 11, 2021
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Valery Garkalin was connected to a special device


Actor Valery Garkalin fell ill with a coronavirus in a severe form.

The 67-year-old artist is in critical condition. Last night, the movie star’s saturation level plummeted. The actor was hooked up to ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation). At the same time, it is connected to a ventilator. The artist’s right lung is 85% affected and the left lung is 75% affected.

Regarding mechanical ventilation – there are certain medical nuances that I don’t want to talk about … Thank God, my father is no worse, – the actor’s daughter Nick shared the day before, not understanding where the father could catch the infection. – He was on tour, and on the set, and at GITIS. Wherever…“, Quoted by” KP “.

Valery Garkalin
Valery Garkalin

Valery Borisovich was taken to the hospital on October 2 with a positive test for COVID-19 and 25-50% lung damage. It was reported that the artist’s illness developed against the background of chronic heart problems.

In the summer, my dad was vaccinated, as expected, in two stages. But I would not want the message “Valery Garkalin was vaccinated and got sick anyway” was widely disseminated. This can alert and scare people away. But it’s not just about the vaccine. The father has severe concomitant diseases, he has heart failure. In this regard, there was a deterioration in his health.“, – explained Nika Garkalina.

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