May 5, 2021
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Valery Garkalin spoke about his alcoholism at the peak of his career

The famous Russian actor Valery Garkalin still cannot understand why, at the peak of his career, when it was necessary to stay sober, he began to abuse alcohol.

Valery Garkalin spoke about his alcoholism at the peak of his career

Garkalin, who fought in the famous movie “Shyrli-Myrli”, says that in the acting specialty it is liquid. Basically, the actors start drinking when they do not have roles, but for him everything happened the other way around. Then he was very popular, he was always called to act, and leading theaters offered roles in their performances. However, in fact, at the moment when Valery needed concentration and a sober intellect, he allowed himself to drink more and more.

The artist added that even such a thing happened that he did not know which city he came to. Unusually, this was associated with St. Petersburg and Moscow. Even in the Russian capital, he performed performances and rehearsed, and after that he adored very much to drink and eat.

Garkalin clarified that all the attempts of friends and acquaintances to help overcome his addiction were unsuccessful. He believes that a person must realize himself that he is destroying himself, and his life is disintegrating.

Valeria noted that he did not overcome his addiction, as if it was impossible. However, he can “order himself” and any one, when he is drawn to alcohol, Valery reminds himself that he can die from one pile.

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