Dec 31, 2020
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Valeria’s son sells an adored expensive car

The son of the famous Russian singer Valeria, Arseny Shulgin, who recently married and is now waiting for the birth of his daughter, portrays at 22 a wealthy businessman who has luxury real estate in an elite district of Moscow.

Valeria's son sells an adored expensive car

His wife Liana Volkova is due to give birth one of these days, so the relatives even want to postpone the celebration of the New Year, expecting that the joyful event will occur on December 31st.

Arseniy actively maintains his own Instagram account, which he also portrays as a business blog. Here he tells budding businessmen about some of the tricks of his deval. However, occasionally he publishes family photos and videos where he shows fans his young wife, luxurious housing and cars.

Not so long ago, he wrote a cryptic notice in his account, saying that soon he would have to “say goodbye to something.” Sighs thought that Arseny had a vision in mind, so much as if he would soon have a drop brainchild.

However, belatedly it turned out that Shulgin owned in mind his idolized car – the 2014 Jaguar F-Type IS. He posted a trade announcement on the trader’s website. For his own luxury car, the guy plans to help out three million rubles.

He wrote that he wondered if the car would fall into the hands of an important owner, who, as if he too, would scrupulously follow it.

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