Sep 17, 2020
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Valeria’s son received coronavirus test result

19:16, 09/16/2020

Arseny Shulgin felt bad on vacation.

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The son of the singer Valeria returned from a trip abroad a few days ago. On vacation, Arseny Shulgin felt bad - he fell ill on the first day of his vacation and spent most of his time in bed. Now Shulgin feels much better, he has already arrived in Moscow and decided to do a coronavirus test. The study showed that Arseniy is not sick with COVID-19.

Arseny Shulgin flew to Turkey for a reason. Together with his young wife, they arranged a honeymoon in one of the hotels. However, the trip was overshadowed by Shulgin's poor health. “All this time I’m lying in my room, sick. Today is the first day I feel better. More precisely, I already feel very well. Temperature 36.6 - the first day when I have no temperature. Nasal congestion remained slightly, but this is some kind of toughness. We flew to rest for nine nights, but, in fact, all this time I lay in the room, was ill. I only swam for two days, rested. And on Sunday we have to fly away. Therefore, I don’t know, most likely we will stay longer. And today I want to at least go swimming in the sea, ”said Shulgin in his microblog on Instagram.

Liana Volkova and Arseny Shulgin

Recall that on August 28 this year, 21-year-old Arseny Shulgin became the husband of 22-year-old Liana Volkova. The son of the singer Valeria made a marriage proposal to his beloved only in July, and a month later the couple decided to get married. First, Liana and Arseny signed at the Kutuzovsky registry office of the capital, and then there was a sumptuous dinner outside the city, at which Russian celebrities performed.

Joseph Prigogine admitted that he had nothing to do with organizing the event. The holiday, according to him, was fully paid for by Valeria's young son, who does business on the Internet. The producer noted that he was proud that, together with his wife, he was able to raise Arseny in such a way that he became completely independent and could provide for himself and his young wife.

The imminent wedding of Volkova and Shulgin became an occasion for discussion. There were rumors that the bride was pregnant, which is why the celebration was organized in such a short time. Prigogine told reporters that he knew nothing about Liana's alleged pregnancy, and also suggested waiting for a comment on this matter from the couple herself. Prigogine believes that the behavior of people who spread gossip about newlyweds is wrong.

Joseph Prigogine, Valeria and Arseny Shulgin

“I hope we will be the first to know about this. Maybe it is, but we do not know anything about it. We haven't seen Liana's tummy. In addition, it is not ethical for us to approach Liana or Arseny and ask about pregnancy. Why would I put them in an idiotic position? " - added Joseph Prigogine.

Rumors about the daughter-in-law's pregnancy reached the singer Valeria. The actress in her microblog on Instagram asked everyone to leave her son's family alone, and also not to believe all the data that appears on the Internet. The singer believes that it is wrong to spoil a joyful event in life for lovers and reminds everyone of the responsibility for the words spoken and written.

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