Jul 27, 2020
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Valeria’s 21-year-old son Arseny Shulgin announced his engagement

Valeria's 21-year-old son Arseny Shulgin announced his engagement

Liana Volkova and Arseny Shulgin

The youngest son of Valeria (from the second husband of Alexander Shulgin) Arseny said that he had made an offer to his beloved Liana Volkova. Arseny approached the exciting and joyful event in a very creative and original way: whether Volkova was ready to connect her life with him, he asked her not personally - the inscription "Liana, will you marry me?" the girl saw skyscrapers in Moscow City on the running line.

The lovers celebrated the engagement in one of the cafes on Chistye Prudy, where the son of the famous singer "lit up" her engagement ring in his Instagram stories.

I said yes"!

- shared her joy with Volkov's subscribers.

Shulgin also said that he and his beloved had already started looking for a place for the celebration - it looks like the wedding is not far off.

Valeria, commenting on the news about the upcoming marriage of her son, noted that she was very happy for the couple.

Today I once again felt pride for my son. I am a happy mother. My dear Arseny and Liana, how happy I am for you!

- she wrote on Instagram.

Arseny Shulgin has been dating 21-year-old Liana Volkova for several months. Not much is known about her: the girl does not often share the details of her personal life and talks about herself. She was a student at the law faculty of Amur State University in Blagoveshchensk (whether she graduated from it is unknown), and also tried herself as a model (and even starred in candid photo shoots). Her father is engaged in the construction business, and her mother was a member of the Blagoveshchensk City Duma.

Liana Volkova

The Volkova family moved to Moscow several years ago, which Liana herself recently told about in her blog.

Every day I love this beautiful city more and more,

- she admitted.

Liana Volkova
Liana Volkova

At the end of last year, Arseny and Liana had an accident together on their way to St. Petersburg, in which they both were injured (Volkova broke her arm).

Liana Volkova and Arseny ShulginLiana Volkova and Arseny Shulgin

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