Jan 14, 2022
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Valeria told how she feels for her daughter-in-law


53-year-old singer Valeria spoke about her feelings for her daughter-in-law.

Looking at the slender smiling artist, it is difficult to say that she is the mother of three adult children, one of which has already made her a grandmother. Valeria maintains a warm, trusting relationship with her daughter and two sons. She also found contact with the beloved of her youngest son Arseny, who in August 2020 married his beloved Liana. The young couple is raising a one-year-old daughter with the rare name Celine.

Valeria emotionally congratulated her daughter-in-law, who celebrates her birthday on January 13th. “Our dear Lianochka! Happy Birthday to You! Thank you for your kind heart, for female wisdom and love. You give happiness to my son, and with him to all of us. And yet, I thank you endlessly for our adorable Selinka. Be happy girl. We are always there ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘,” said Valeria.

Valeria with family
Valeria with family

Opera diva Anna Netrebko and other star friends of the People’s Artist of Russia joined the congratulations. The performer of the hit “Don’t offend me” unveiled her favorite shots with her son’s wife and daughter. The singer appeared with the newlyweds at their wedding, as well as at family celebrations, including Celine’s recent birthday. Valeria often rests in the company of her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. She showed joint photos with Liana at the resorts.

The singer’s fans were delighted with touching words and family moments. They praised the judge of the show “Mask” for the fact that she managed to find a common language with her daughter-in-law.

If there is a mother-in-law, she should only be like that!”, “Congratulations were written very well. Let your son be a wonderful, reliable and good husband and father, and Liana a good wife and mother. May their marriage be strong and happy, and their children will be happy”, “God, what warm and beautiful words of wishes to your daughter-in-law. Bravo!”, “Beautifully said, well done, Valeria! Congratulations, Lianochka, you are lucky to have such a wise, kind and beautiful mother-in-law we adore”, “The daughter-in-law looks like you in appearance”, “How reverently, gently and with great love you treat your granddaughter, and Liana is very lucky with her mother-in-law”, — said the followers of the artist.

Valeria gave birth to three children in a marriage with producer Alexander Shulgin. 28-year-old Anna followed in her mother’s footsteps and is trying to realize herself as a singer. 27-year-old Artemy received an excellent education and works abroad. 23-year-old Arseniy lives in Moscow and is engaged in business. The popular performer has been married to Joseph Prigogine for 17 years. He is engaged in its production and surrounds with care.

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