Jun 19, 2022
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Valeria told because of what she quarrels with her husband


Singer Valeria admitted that her marriage is not perfect.

The artist and Joseph Prigozhin have been together for many years. From the side, the spouses seem like an ideal couple, but, of course, they also have conflicts and misunderstandings.

Singer Valeria has been looking for personal happiness for a long time. Her first marriage turned into a real drama, because producer Alexander Shulgin severely beat the star. As a result, the artist was rewarded for suffering: she met a loving man on her way. Joseph Prigozhin surrounded his wife with care, making her forget about her previous problems.

From the outside, Valery and Prigogine look like absolutely happy people. However, they also have fights. “It seems to me, looking at us, it is clear that we can swear. If Joseph raises his voice at me, why shouldn’t I raise it? Am I going to stand on the sidelines?“- the singer emphasized to Channel Five.

Valeria with her husband - photo from the archive -
Valeria with her husband – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Most often, conflicts occur against the backdrop of small daily problems. Sometimes, of course, there are more serious reasons for disputes. So, recently Valeria hinted that she was ready to reduce her work activity in order to spend more time with her children and her little granddaughter. But Prigogine does not agree with the decision of the chosen one.

Valeria has been in music since the age of four. She devoted her whole life to this profession.”, the producer shared his position.

One way or another, while Valeria continues to work with might and main. The singer starred in television shows and recorded new hits. Fans are sure that the artist still has something to surprise them with, so it’s too early to talk about ending her career.

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