Jan 4, 2022
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Valeria shared a photo and video from the first birthday of her granddaughter


Singer Valeria on the first day of the new year arranged a holiday in the family circle in honor of the birthday of her granddaughter Celine.

Exactly a year ago, singer Valeria became a grandmother for the first time: her youngest son Arseny had a daughter, Celine. The artist does not like a soul in a crumb, like her husband, producer Joseph Prigogine. The couple arranged a home party in a narrow circle, congratulating their granddaughter on her first birthday.

Our beloved Selinka turns one year old today. Our sun, endless joy, endless happiness – it’s great that she appeared in our life. Thanks to our kids for such a precious gift. ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘“, – shared Valeria.

Arseny Shulgin with his daughter Celine
Arseny Shulgin with his daughter Celine

At the holiday, in addition to Valeria and Prigozhin, there was also the producer’s ex-wife, with whom he remained on good terms. The girl’s mother, 23-year-old Liana Shulgina, dedicated a touching post on the social network to her daughter. Valeria also congratulated Celine on her birthday.

Valeria, Joseph Prigogine, Arseny Shulgin with his wife and daughter
Valeria with her mother, Joseph Prigogine, Arseny Shulgin with his wife and daughter

Now our favorite holiday is not only New Year’s Eve, but the entire first day of the year, because on January 1, our wonderful baby, sweet beloved Selinka, was born. ❤️❤️❤️ How great it was to get together with the whole family! (Well, almost all). Once again, I was convinced that we have increased so much in the number of its representatives, that if we were all gathered together, there would be 19 of us. I continue to send a request to the Universe about the house 🤣🤣🤣“, Wrote Valeria on Instagram.

The artist did not hide that she was very wary of the prospect of becoming a grandmother. The news that Arseny and Liana will have a child came as a surprise to Valeria. But in the end everything turned out the best way: the baby is just lovely. “Now this baby is the center of the universe for us“, – the newly-made grandmother confesses. In addition, the artist believes that her son is very lucky with his wife.

Valeria with her granddaughter and Joseph Prigogine
Valeria with her granddaughter and Joseph Prigogine

Liana grew up in a wealthy family, but, unlike many representatives of the “golden youth”, she anxiously cares about her husband and child. In an interview, Valeria complained that girls from wealthy families in our time cannot even fry eggs. But Liana is completely different.

Liana Shulgina with her daughter Celine
Liana Shulgina with her daughter Celine

Arseny Shulgin and Liana Volkova got married in August last year. Arseny immediately rejected help in organizing a wedding from his star mother. He said that he would pay for and organize everything on his own. And he wanted to see his stepfather Joseph Prigogine and his mother at the holiday only as guests.

As a result, Valeria’s son took all the costs on himself. The news that they were waiting for the addition to the family, the young spouses hid to the last, although Liana was already getting married pregnant. Arseny said that he would become a father only when the tummy of his life partner was already clearly visible.

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