Apr 2, 2021
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Valeria congratulated her husband Joseph Prigogine on his 52nd birthday, recalling his performance in the show “Mask”

09:17, 02.04.2021

The 52-year-old singer admitted that after her husband’s participation in the project, she discovered his new positive qualities.

Joseph Prigogine turns 52 today. One of the first who congratulated the musical figure on his birthday was his wife. Valeria published a photo with her husband on her Instagram microblog and remembered what they experienced together over the past year, including the coronavirus.

“My kind, loving, courageous, responsible, who knows how to surprise and be surprised, please and rejoice in a childlike way! Thank you for being alive! (Today this phrase is definitely about you). You overcame a terrible test, and having done this, you immediately rushed to test yourself for strength again, “the singer wrote (the author’s spelling and punctuation are given without changes hereinafter. – Noteed.). She added that after the surprise that Prigozhin presented to her, the star jury and the audience of the second season of The Mask show, he knows for sure that the chosen one knows how to keep secrets. “In the show“ Mask ”you surprised the whole country, but most of all – me. I am proud of you, I admire you, I love you. I discovered one more quality in you – you know how to keep secrets, and it costs a lot, ”the pop star admitted.

Joseph Prigogine in the show “Mask”

Recall that in the third issue of the sequel to the show “Mask” there was a declassification of the participant who was hiding under the mask of Pineapple. Iosif Prigogine unexpectedly found himself dressed as a tropical fruit. Even Valeria could not recognize the voice of the producer, and the exposure of her husband plunged her into a real shock. After dropping out of the show, the representative of the musician told about the secret of the information about the participants in the popular TV project. So, in the first days of filming, a tinted car came for him, and he also drove him back after the performance. Sometimes Prigozhin came to the shooting and rehearsals with his wife, accompanied her to the jury, and he changed his clothes and ran to perform.

Joseph added that guards were assigned to him, as well as to the other participants. According to the producer, a couple of people in suits and dark glasses that accompany the release of the mask are not for the sake of staging. Their help is needed in order not to fall on the way to the stage, because the costumes are very heavy and uncomfortable. Prigozhin also said that he had signed a contract with the organizers of the show, which provided for a fine for disclosing information about the project. So, if a music figure split, he would have to pay ten million rubles. This amount was determined due to the fact that the risk of blabbering doubled.

Valeria as a member of the star jury of “Masks”

Prigogine noted that unwillingness to damage the family budget was a good incentive for him not to let slip. As another motivation, Valeria’s husband called the coronavirus transferred in February. The shooting of “The Mask” just fell on the recovery period after a serious illness, and it was very difficult to breathe and move in the Pineapple suit. At times, according to the producer, he was visited by thoughts that he could easily suffocate and die. However, it was the inconvenience that helped the star to recover sooner. Note also that regular absences from home for the sake of rehearsals, the “Mask” participant explained to his wife that he needed to attend physiotherapy.

Joseph Prigogine in February was ill with coronavirus

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