Sep 22, 2022
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Valeria canceled tours and concerts for a good reason


Singer Valeria explained why she would not give concerts yet.

Singer Valeria has decided to cancel her tour and upcoming solo performances. She announced this the next day after the President of the Russian Federation signed a decree on partial mobilization. The performer of the hit “Watch” said that in the current circumstances, she considers concert activity inappropriate.

Since yesterday, we have been living in a different reality, and I can’t force myself to give solo concerts, forgetting about everything in the world, so I want to cancel all previously announced ones and I won’t plan them for the near future“, Valeria said.

Singer Valeria
Singer Valeria

She stressed that she was not going to completely leave the stage. “Of course, I will continue to sing, but I want to postpone solo concerts until better times.“, – added the artist.

So far, Valeria’s next concert is scheduled for April 2023. She hopes that joy and peace will return to the life of Russians by this moment. “Please consider my decision with understanding. There will be more holidays in our lives!“- promised the singer.

Recall that Valeria’s husband recently got a new job. Joseph Prigogine became the co-host of Lera Kudryavtseva in the show “The Stars Came Together” on NTV. The producer says that he was very worried before the first day of shooting. Although he has long been part of the Russian show business, he has never had to participate in a talk show as a host.

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