Dec 27, 2020
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Valentina Legkostupova left her family an inheritance in the amount of 100 million rubles

10:43, 27.12.

It became known what the relatives of the star are fighting for.

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Valentina Legkostupova died on August 14 this year. The 54-year-old artist is believed to have slipped in the bathroom and fell, sustaining a head injury this was the cause of death. After the death of Valentina Valerievna, her relatives cannot improve relations with each other and continue to conflict. Now the widower Yuri Firsov and the children of the artist Anetta and Matvey are fighting for an inheritance, the cost of which is estimated at 100 million rubles.

Valentina Legkostupova’s heirs are considered her mother, son, daughter and husband. They will share an apartment in the center of Moscow one of the main treasures of the star. This is a property of 78 square meters. Its real price more than 100 million rubles. It takes half an hour to walk from the Kremlin to the apartments of Legkostupova, and the Hermitage Garden is located next to the house.

Valentina Legkostupova with her daughter Anetta Bril

As journalists note, the property did not fully belong to Valentina Legkostupova. According to the documents, half of the housing is owned by Anette Bril. It turns out that each of the heirs can claim about 10 square meters. According to sources, Yuri Firov may demand from the daughter of his deceased wife his share in the form of money 12.5 million rubles.

In addition, Valentina Legkostupova has property in the village of Terenino, Pavlovo-Posad district. There, the star had a country house, data about which was not entered in the cadastral chamber, and a plot for 1 million rubles heirs can also claim it. The most important wealth of Valentina Legkostupova is considered to be the rights to the Berry-Raspberry. The song is still performed at various venues and concerts. Earlier it became known that it was Yuri Firsov who wants to get the rights to the hits of his deceased wife.

Valentina Legkostupova and Yuri Firsov

Yuri Firsov, as the lawyer explains, can really claim part of the amount that will be deducted for the author’s pair for the performance of the hit. However, there is a possibility that the sailor will be left with nothing if he is recognized as an unworthy heir. “He can be recognized as unworthy if some criminal actions are established against the testator, but also a number of other circumstances. First of all, if the Investigative Committee establishes that Firsov had Valentina Legkostupova’s death. In addition, now he denigrates not only the children of Valentina Legkostupova, but also talks about her alleged alcohol addiction. This can also be the basis for recognition as an unworthy heir, “RIA FAN quotes Sergei Zhorin as saying.

Note that Yuri Firsov is not going to give up his inheritance rights. Moreover, the widower claims that the Investigative Committee took part of his money and included it in the general list of funds of the deceased artist. In case of entering into the right of inheritance, Firsov intends to provide for the youngest son of the artist. The yachtsman is sure that Annette will not help her younger brother Matthew.

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