Jan 10, 2022
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Valentin Yudashkin’s wife showed how he looks now


Fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin missed all New Year’s parties. His wife Marina went to visit alone, which alarmed the fans of the couturier.

On the January holidays, Marina Yudashkina often shared joyful photos and videos of how she spends time with her star friends. So, the woman met the New Year with Alla Pugacheva, Maxim Galkin, Igor Nikolaev and their children.

However, the footage did not show the designer himself, who recently did not miss parties with the family of Alla Borisovna. Marina also celebrated Christmas without a spouse, but in the company of celebrities – this time Ida Dostman received the guests.

As for Valentin Yudashkin, the couturier’s wife published a home photo with him, signing the publication: “Merry Christmas! We wish you happiness! Peace! And good to your home!

Valentin and Marina Yudashkin
Valentin and Marina Yudashkin

The couple’s subscribers were alarmed by the lack of a fashion designer in society, they suggested that, perhaps, he was trying to be careful and preparing for a traditional show in the Kremlin – the show will be held on March 7. Fans wished health to Yudashkin, who has been fighting cancer for several years.

Merry Christmas, my beloved Yudashkins ”,“ Merry Christmas to your family. May the Lord bless you, all blessings and good health ”,“ Let the Christmas light illuminate your life path, bringing warmth, peace, goodness, faith, hope and love! Be healthy and happy!“- write fans of the couturier.

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