Apr 26, 2022
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Vacuum pumps: types and benefits

Vacuum pumps: types and benefits

Manufacturers produce different types of pumping units, among which vacuum models are of great importance. Read more about equipment in this category here Units have found application in completely different areas. Now they are actively used in agriculture, energy, metallurgy. The scope of application depends on the type of device.

Compact models are often used in science and research. They are convenient and easy to use, so they are suitable for experiments and tests. More productive, powerful installations are used in the oil, chemical, and food industries.

Vacuum pumps are equipment that is designed to pump water, gas or gas with a liquid. In everyday life, they are often used to pump water out of flooded basements or cellars.

With the help of units, you can quickly pump water out of the pool. They are also used for watering vegetable gardens. Easy maintenance, stable operation and other advantages make vacuum pumping units very popular.

Sales of vacuum pumps in Belarus

Vacuum pumps are different according to the principle of operation:

  • Vortex. The equipment has a fairly high suction capacity. But there is one feature that buyers should take into account: vortex units are not suitable for pumping contaminated liquid, because the structural elements are very sensitive to suspended particles. The vacuum inside the device is created during the rotation of the wheel with blades.
  • Centrifugal. The operation of the installation is associated with the provision of centrifugal force, which occurs due to the operation of the wheel blades. This is how the necessary pressure of water is created.
  • Manual. These are the simplest, inexpensive units that work from the physical efforts of the user. Manual models are vaned or piston.
  • Vibrating. A key component of the design is an electromagnet that affects the movement of the anchor. The advantage of this installation is that it does not have an electric motor and rotating elements.


Vacuum-type pumping units are classified as special installations, the purpose of which is to pump out water. They can pump liquids from sealed cavities. Equipment advantages:

  • excellent work speed;
  • maximum starting pressure;
  • body strength;
  • reliable design;
  • increased productivity;
  • minimal noise during operation;
  • environmental Safety.

To buy a vacuum pump in Belarus, study in detail the offers of a specialized company. You can buy this type of equipment only through a responsible supplier who guarantees the quality of his goods.

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