Jan 10, 2021
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Vaccine for those who pay more

Vaccine for those who pay more

Israel leads the world in coronavirus vaccination.

The secret of how Tel Aviv managed to vaccinate on January 9 1.8 million of its citizens, that is, a fifth of the country’s population, has been revealed.

It turns out that Prime Minister Netanyahu called Albert Burle, head of Pfizer, almost 17 times every day, urging him to provide Israel with as much vaccine as possible. The decisive argument of the Israelis in these negotiations was the proposal to pay for a dose of vaccine 50 percent more than, for example, the British gave. Israel paid 45 pounds for the dose, while the UK only 30. And that allowed him to be first in line.

Israeli nurses managed to extract from each vial, not five, as the advertisement said, but six doses, so that not a drop of the life-saving drug was lost.

By the end of January, over a million Israelis will receive a second injection of the vaccine. Most of the country’s population is planned to be vaccinated by March. Israel is proclaimed to be the first in the world to end the virus and return to normalcy.

Nikolay Ivanov

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