Sep 15, 2020
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Vaccine check. Volunteers – about their health during the research

The Russian coronavirus vaccine is undergoing the necessary stages of clinical trials. They are designed in three stages. During the study, all volunteers were closely monitored by doctors - any complaints are considered on a priority basis.

To participate in the study, people were recruited - in total, it was planned to involve 40 thousand people in the tests. As the responsible persons note, more than 55 thousand applications have already been submitted.

Participants in the study are strictly selected - those who wish to pass the required set of tests, including both general clinical studies and biochemistry. And excellent health is not a guarantee that a person will be admitted. According to the rules, those who meet the following requirements can become a participant in the test program:

  • Those who do not have ARVI - at least two weeks before the study and, of course, during the vaccination period;
  • Not sick COVID-19 - confirmation by tests and PCR, and a blood test for antibodies;
  • Those who have not been in contact with a sick COVID-19;
  • For women - no pregnancy at the time of testing.

Those who were admitted to the study willingly share their feelings. After all, as they all note, everything is not as scary as it seems to many. Today, volunteers tell how they felt immediately after the vaccine was administered, and how they feel today - after a few days.

“I felt good, there was no temperature, no nausea, no vomiting, no pain. There was nothing. There was a minor headache, but I attribute it even to lack of sleep. There was a slight swelling at the injection site. Now I feel great. On the 9th, she was vaccinated. My next vaccination will be on September 30th. Absolutely no consequences "- says Deputy Chief Physician of the State Enterprise No. 220 Vladimir Tereshchenko...

He notes similar sensations in himself and Andrey Olshevsky, senior pediatrician of the A.S. Puchkov Ambulance Station... “I am participating in the third phase of clinical trials. I didn’t feel anything right after the first vaccine, I didn’t even have any excitement when I agreed to it. Even after it was shown to me. The only moment was only pain in the place where the injection was administered, that is, the injection was given. Within two days it passed, there was a slight weakness, fatigue. But I looked like it was work. And this is a standard story. I get vaccinated against the flu every year, and it has no consequences for me.

Today 6 days have passed, I feel great, I keep a diary constantly, I contact the doctors, I am watched by a smart bracelet that measures the temperature, there have been no increases at the moment.

Immunity should be formed after the second dose, after 21 days, and we will monitor it, I will take tests, and we will look at the antibody titer - it appeared, did not appear from this vaccine, ”says the doctor.

There are also people outside the medical field among the volunteers. For example, Svetlana Fedorovna Kim notes that he feels grateful to the doctors who take care of her at all stages of the trial. “I’m probably unique. those. I had no contraindications at all. She showed no symptoms. I don’t know why. The doctors called me, I am very grateful to the doctors, of course, they were worried. All is well now, several days have passed. Then it’s good, now all the more it should be better and better ”- said Svetlana Fedorovna.

The duration of the study is 180 days. Further, based on the results, a decision will be made on the provision of a permanent registration certificate.

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