Dec 27, 2020
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Vaccination of Russians over 60 is planned for early 2021

In post-registration studies, 150 volunteers over 60 years old are involved. Research will be completed before the New Year, believes Alexander Gunzburg. Immediately after the holiday holidays, the authorization for the use of the vaccine from 18 years of age and older without restrictions will be entered into the registration certificate of the drug. Recall that at the moment only citizens of 18-60 years old can be vaccinated.

Today, the head of the Ministry of Health, Mikhail Murashko, confirmed this information, stating that clinical trials of the vaccine on people over 60 years old will be completed after December 23-24. After an expert assessment of the results obtained, the age range of vaccination will be expanded.

The Minister recalled that despite the high effectiveness of the vaccine, vaccinated people should continue to wear a mask and follow all precautions.

“A vaccine is not a mask. This is the formation of immunity – a person is faced with a pathogen. And some manifestations are possible. Immunity works it out, this pathogen, and, accordingly, forms a humoral defense system, ”Murashko stressed.

At the moment, post-registration trials of another coronavirus vaccine are underway in Russia – the drug EpiVacCorona, created by scientists from the Novosibirsk Center “Vector”. In November, Rospotrebnadzor announced the start of research involving 150 volunteers over 60 years old. Doctors have to find out what level of protection the drug provides for the elderly. The first five participants were vaccinated on November 21st.

Each volunteer who receives the vaccine must be monitored at the medical facility where the trial was conducted. Doctors monitor the production of antibodies using ELISA testing, assess side effects and the health of participants.

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