Aug 31, 2021
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Vaccination and death: revelations of Professor Peter Schirmacher

Authorities in a number of countries say they are responsible for COVID-19 vaccinations and are “administering vaccinations.” Such administration involves identifying, recording and analyzing all the negative consequences of vaccinations. Including deaths. Given the fatalities, the problems are serious. A person can leave for another world some time after receiving the vaccination, but death can be due to both the vaccine and other reasons. Those. death can occur both “due to” and “after” vaccination. Experts state that the subjective factor dominates when making a conclusion about death. In general, “after” conclusions prevail, as “due” conclusions can slow down the vaccination process. And this is contrary to the guidelines of the WHO. It (more precisely, those who are behind it) need to cover at least 70% of the world’s population with vaccinations.

In some countries, the approach to making conclusions about the cause of death is purely formal. So, if death occurred within 3 days after the injection, then a conclusion is usually issued: “… because of vaccination”… And if death is recorded after more than two weeks, then they write another reason. I emphasize again: this formal approach generally underestimates the risks of vaccination. Since, in the opinion of the responsible physicians, vaccines can be “time mines”, death can occur in a month or six months after the injection. It is noticed that after vaccination, many people, despite the promised protection, become infected with the COVID-19 virus. Some of these infected die. However, in the conclusion it is written that death did not come from vaccination, but from the COVID-19 virus. Such a person falls into the statistics of deaths from a pandemic, and not from vaccinations.

I am not a doctor, but experts say that it is possible and necessary to get to the bottom of the causes of death of a person who has received the vaccine. This is necessary to assess the effectiveness and risk level of the drug. If there are many deaths due to vaccination, then such a drug should be prohibited. However, there is no deep “administration” in relation to the deceased. Health authorities and hospitals say it takes time and money.

The urgency of the problem of identifying the causes of death of vaccinated people was highlighted by a statement made in early August by a German professor Peter Schirmacher (Peter Schirmacher), Chief Pathologist at the University of Heidelberg, Director of the Institute of Pathology at the University. In his opinion, the simplest and most reliable way to determine the cause of death of a person who received the COVID-19 vaccine is an autopsy. It gets rid of fruitless speculations about the causes of death and inevitable mistakes.

Since last year, Peter Schirmacher has become involved in a project aimed at improving the effectiveness of treatment for people infected with the virus. The German state has allocated 1.8 million euros for this project. The project provides for the autopsy of people who have died from the virus. To date, more than 200 autopsy results have helped improve treatment and ventilation for people with COVID-19.

At the same time, Peter Schirmacher was engaged in the autopsy of those deceased who received vaccines against COVID-19. In an interview that Schirmacher gave on August 2 to the German News Agency (DPA), he stated that he had more than 40 such autopsies. These are those who died within two weeks of vaccination. As a scientist, he is trying to understand the rare side effects of vaccinations, such as autoimmune diseases or cerebral vein thrombosis. “Doctors at the death of a patient do not establish a connection with vaccination and certify a natural death, and the patient himself will soon be interred, Explains Schirmacher. “Or the doctor makes a note about the lack of clarity of the causes of death, and the prosecutor’s office does not see any violations and gives the go-ahead for the burial of the body.” The pathologist drew attention to the fact that there are more and more vaccinated deaths in the country, but autopsies are often carried out only at the insistence of relatives and only in isolated cases.

Professor Peter Schirmacher is not the first in Germany to raise the question of the need to investigate the causes of death of a vaccinated person by autopsy. You can call the professor-pathologist doctor Arne Burckhardt (Dr. Arne Burckhardt). In July, he gave an interview to a news agency The Epoch Times. The professor said that politicians are not interested in finding out the causes of death, they “Actually trying to prevent autopsies”… He lamented that prosecutors also did not see a legal basis for autopsies. The professor remembers the 80s, when HIV infection first appeared and he worked at the Pathological Institute in Bern. “At the time, the chief – Professor Hans Kottier – clearly said,” Anyone who refuses to perform an autopsy here is inappropriate and will have to leave this institute. ” Arne Burckhardt drew attention to such a “trifle”: when a conclusion is drawn about the death of a person who has been vaccinated, the document may not even mention the fact of vaccination. Apparently, so that no one could have the idea of ​​a causal relationship between vaccination and death.

Over the past few months, the pathologist has developed a guideline, which is now published as “Notes and Suggestions for Autopsy of the Deceased After Coronavirus Vaccination” on the website of the Association of Physicians and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy (Doctors and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy eV MWGFD), of which Burckhardt is a member. Chairman of the Association Professor Sucharit Bhakdi (Sucharit Bhakdi) fully supports Burckhardt’s initiative. “There is an urgent need to clarify the causes of death after vaccination in order to clarify whether vaccination and human death in our country are in any way causal.”, – the message says MWGFD… This can be found out with the help of special studies, for example, offered in the laboratory of Dr. Burckhardt.

However, back to Professor Peter Schirmacher. The effect of the exploding bomb was produced by his statement that from 30 to 40 percent of the autopsies he carried out on vaccinated showed that the cause of death was precisely vaccination. In his opinion, the frequency of lethal consequences of vaccinations is underestimated. The opinion of Peter Schirmacher is very much in line with the assessments of doctors from different countries, who note that the authorities greatly underestimate the death rate from vaccinations, hiding it in the statistics of mortality from other causes. For example, in the American information system VAERS recorded various cases of negative consequences of vaccination in the United States, including deaths. As of August 13, according to VAERS, the number of such deaths reached 13,244. A well-known American physician Joseph Mercola (Joseph Mercola) considers that the statistics VAERS underestimates the mortality rate from the virus by two orders of magnitude. Approximately the same opinion about the lethality of vaccines is held by an American physician (a native of Ukraine) Vladimir Zelenko.

And here is the latest news on this topic. Twitter has blocked the account of the former science correspondent New York Times Alexa Berenson (Alex Berenson), which revealed some of the secrets of clinical trials of a vaccine preparation Pfizer… According to this classified data, vaccine deaths Pfizer much more than it follows from open sources.

It is not hard to guess that the revelations of Professor Peter Schirmacher have provoked a violent reaction from those who must promote vaccination. The Paul Ehrlich Institute stated that autopsies are not needed, since the assessment of the consequences of vaccination in Germany is already at a high level. Head of the Standing Commission on Vaccinations (Standing Committee on Vaccinations, Stiko) Thomas Mertens (Thomas Mertens) believes that all deaths from vaccinations in Germany are very accurately recorded. Doctor Lothar Zimmermann (Lothar Zimmermann) expressed himself more carefully: he does not object to the use of the autopsy method, but doubts the figures given by a famous pathologist.

But the Federal Association of German Pathologists (Federal Association of German Pathologists), Professor Peter Schirmacher supported, calling for an increase in the number of autopsies of vaccinated people. “This is the only way to rule out or prove a link between death and vaccination.”, – said Johannes Freemann (Johannes Freemann), head of the autopsy working group at the association. It turns out, said J. Freemann, that the Federal Association of Pathologists in March this year asked the Ministry of Health to increase the number of autopsies of vaccinated people, but there was no response to the request.

The autopsy of the dead after vaccination was carried out by Peter Schirmacher as part of a project to improve the effectiveness of treatment for those infected with the COVID-19 virus. State funding for the project is coming to an end. I do not exclude that in the light of the revelations that the pathologist made in his interview, there will be no continuation of funding.

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