Jan 10, 2021
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Vacationer in the Maldives Pavel Volya parodied the twine of Anastasia Volochkova

06:58, 01/10/2021

The 41-year-old showman spends time with his family.

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Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva flew with their children to the Maldives in early January. The couple is enjoying their vacation on the shores of the Indian Ocean, not forgetting to delight the public with beach shots. And the 41-year-old showman would not have been him if he had not approached the process of photographing on the surf line with humor. Will was parodied by the famous twine of Anastasia Volochkova, which his 35-year-old wife helped him to do. The husband and wife shared the results of their joint creativity in their microblog on Instagram.

“Well, finally it worked out! It took me so long to get there. Thanks to @volochkova_art for the example, and @liasanutiasheva for the long and hard training. I’m going to the national team “, – Pavel Volya signed a picture with a twine (the spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given without changes – Noteed.).

Pavel Volya and Lyaysan Utyasheva performed the split of Anastasia Volochkova together

One of the “beach” twines by Anastasia Volochkova

It is worth noting that 44-year-old Volochkova has long had a passion for photo shoots against the backdrop of the exotic nature of the places where the ballet star often chooses to rest. So, the artist enjoyed the tropical sun of the Maldives back in November 2020. And, of course, on the shores of the salty ocean, Anastasia demonstrated her legendary stretch. It is noteworthy that Volochkova was accompanied on the trip by her new lover, whose appearance she hides from prying eyes, publishing pictures with a satellite, but so that only part of it is visible. The ballerina prefers to answer all questions about the personality of a beloved man in an ornate way. “When I am asked who my man is, I don’t answer him at all. Because nobody should care about it but me. Nobody asks the question: “What is he?” … And to this I can answer: The best! Loving, kind, open-minded, sexy, young, slim, humorous and wonderful. Therefore we are together. I wish you all such incredible emotions of love and passion! ” – signed another picture with Volochkova’s boyfriend.

Anastasia Volochkova with a secret lover

Note that Anastasia Volochkova provoked rumors about a new novel at the end of last summer. Then the ballet star published a series of photos on the Turkish coast, intriguing the audience with the fact that she had not come to the resort alone, calling the trip romantic. By the way, the ballerina’s twine looked great on the Beldibi pebbles.

As for the relationship between Volya and Utyasheva, after rumors of Paul’s betrayal, the couple demonstrates a complete idyll. We add that at the end of October 2020, some media circulated information that the Comedy Club star was spending time with a couple of girls of dubious reputation. The showman and the gymnast did not comment on the rumors of treason in any way, moreover, the couple continued to appear together at events. Volia decided to comment on speculations about his betrayal in mid-December last year. In one of the episodes of the show, he said that “some girl clicked him at the table,” and the publications took advantage of this frame and “dashed off” articles about escort girls. The comedian’s wife was inclined to believe her husband rather than those who wrote about it. But other women, for example, flight attendants, began to treat him with distrust and even anger.

Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva

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