Well-known journalist Vasily Utkin expressed his opinion on the amateur team Amkal, which collects hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube. A popular blogger admitted that he was not enthusiastic about the content of the project, but he was doing a useful job - increasing interest in football among youth.

“I don’t watch Amkala games. The life of this project is not interesting to me, but I really appreciate it, as it develops my industry. He collects a large number of views on Youtube, develops an interest in football.

I have no interest in Amkal. I am Vasya Utkin, but I am glad that this story exists. It accumulates a large audience, among which there are children. They will grow, they will still like football. Their soul will develop and will contain more than interest in Amkal. Therefore, Amkal is carrying out absolutely unprecedented work. I repeat, I am not a consumer of this product. I don’t like him, ”Utkin said on the stream on his own Youtube channel.

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