Dec 28, 2020
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Uspenskaya hinted at an affair with a married 32-year-old Vorobyov

Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya shared a touching photo with a young singer Alexei Vorobyov and hinted at their possible romance.

In the published picture, the artist is pressed to the shoulder of the performer with a blissful smile on her face. The artist is wearing a black suit, and the singer is wearing a tight-fitting jumpsuit of the same color. They really look very harmonious, as if a Hollywood couple was photographed on the red carpet.

“We began to meet very often on the set with Alexei Vorobyov. Maybe these meetings are not accidental? We are leaving on New Year with great hopes for the best, ”the star hinted at a possible relationship.

Subscribers were divided in their opinions, commenting on the provocative photo. Some users condemned Uspenskaya for behavior indecent for her age, while others rejoiced for her possible success in her personal life.

“Exactly cuckoo. Senility”;

“He is good for your sons”;

“Look great together”;

“All ages are submissive to love,” responded the users of the social network.

The daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya previously tried to make peace with her mother after a loud scandal. Perhaps the singer and her heiress will enter the new year without old grudges.

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