Oct 13, 2020
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Using chopsticks, the chef turned an omelet into a rose

the omelet turned into a rosePeople who love to cook watched the video of the chef Omura Isupuro with great interest.

the omelet turned into a rose

A craftsman from Japan clearly showed how not only to cook an omelet, but also to make it look like a rose.

the omelet turned into a rose

Surprisingly, you don't need to buy any expensive kitchen utensils for this, just chopsticks and, of course, some skill are enough.

the omelet turned into a rose

The manipulations that Omura performs over the frying pan do not look particularly difficult, although there is a suspicion that an inexperienced cook may fail the first time.

the omelet turned into a rose

It is not surprising that Internet users thank the man for the useful advice and are going to try to decorate their breakfasts on their own.

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