Jan 7, 2021
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Useful little things that will help the hostess

Useful little things that will come to the rescue of the hostess

Cleaning thoroughly, you can notice disorder even in seemingly clean places. There are a number of little things that we usually do not pay attention to – they can ruin the picture of a cozy home and turn up at the wrong time.

We offer you 20 tips from observant housewives who know how to keep track of things and home – nothing will be missed! To remember one of our tips in time, use the method of association. When reading something interesting, imagine a picture that the eye clings to – this will help you remember information much better.

  • You can easily sharpen knives using a regular cork.
  • Always clean your shoes, not before leaving the house, but when you return home from the street. Dirt and dust will not stain the floor, other shoes, furniture. And how nice it is when you are greeted with clean shoes in the morning!
  • If you are going to peel vegetables that strongly stain and darken the skin, moisten your hands with vinegar beforehand.
  • To easily peel walnuts from the shell, dry them in the oven for a few minutes.
  • It is very easy to remove greasy stains from fabrics with a powder. Pour the powder onto a fresh stain – it will quickly disappear.
  • baby powder
  • Remember: dishes stained with dough, dairy products and eggs can only be washed well in cold water. In hot water, the protein will curl up, stick to the surface and give you a lot of additional trouble.
  • If your shoes smell unpleasant, rub the inside of them with hydrogen peroxide.
  • When looking for small lost items – an earring, button, bead, rivet – a vacuum cleaner will help. Pull a nylon stocking over the hose and walk it along the floor surface, turning on the vacuum cleaner. There will definitely be a little thing!
  • If you smell an unpleasant odor in your desk drawer even after you wash it thoroughly, leave a couple of activated charcoal tablets in there. The charcoal will absorb the musty smell.
  • Ordinary raw onions will help get rid of rust on knives.
  • raw onion
  • Sushi the umbrella only in a suspended and half-closed form – this way the fabric will not stretch, deteriorate and allow moisture to pass through.
  • The wax candle will not float if you soak it in salt water before using it.
  • Small fragments can be easily collected with wet cotton wool.
  • If milk escapes, quickly fill the contaminated area on the stove with salt and cover with wet paper. This will help prevent unpleasant odors throughout your home and make it easier to remove the stain from the stove.
  • Use ketchup to clean copper turks! It perfectly removes even thick deposits of carbon, and the dishes will shine like new.
  • how to cleanse a Turk
  • If there are fingerprints on the wall, paint over them with white chalk. After a couple of minutes, wipe the place with a damp cloth – there will be no trace of prints!
  • Rubber gloves can help get rid of the ubiquitous pet hair by simply swiping wet gloves over furniture or carpet.
  • Cat litter will help dry wet shoes very quickly – pour it generously inside, the moisture will be quickly absorbed.
  • A bottle of vegetable oil is always greasy – the oil runs down the walls, no matter how carefully you pour it. Greasy hands often stain the bottle too. To keep the oil bottle neat and not stain kitchen furniture with it, build a special tie-cuff from a napkin. This tie is appropriate for a bottle of wine.
  • tie for bottle
  • Always start cleaning from the dirtiest place in the house, gradually moving to the cleaner areas. So you will cope with the task faster and not get tired right away – the visible result of the work motivates you to continue!

If our advice is useful to you, do a good deed – show it to your close friends.

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