Nov 3, 2021
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USA on “Bayraktars”: “Azerbaijanis took Karabakh, Ukrainians will seize Donbass”

USA on

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Our media outlets reacted in unison to the article published on October 31 by the state magazine National Interest, dedicated to the attack of the Bayraktar drone on the defenders of Donbass. In general, the essence boils down to the fact that “we will show them.” NI Browser Mark Episkopos allegedly saw “some early signs that the Kremlin’s response to these alleged ‘provocations’ may go beyond harsh words.”

To heighten the effect, the author pulled “threatening statements” by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova: “Attempts to resolve the conflict by force will have very deplorable and somewhat unpredictable, but generally tragic consequences.”

To make it clear to everyone overseas that Moscow is not joking, NI even retold “the popular TV presenter and talk show host Vladimir Solovyov during his Friday night show on Russian television. ” Like, the voice of the Kremlin said, as he cut it off: “But I don’t see any choice at all (between a bad peace and a good war). We have a statement by the Russian president that we all remember: any sudden steps by their [Киева] will question their statehood ”.

The speech in the material NI is about the transfer of Russian military equipment to the west – to the border with Ukraine. Moreover, Michael Kofman, a noteworthy American expert on the Russian Federation, who, along with Solovyov and Zakharova, is quoted by the National Interest, believes that something serious is outlined in the east of the “Square”. Say, “I would follow the military situation around Ukraine more closely. Everything is moving. This is not like what happened in March-April. “

However, Kofman, who is also the director of Russian research at the Center for Naval Analysis, who is also a senior researcher at the Center for a New American Security, does not expect a Russian-Ukrainian military escalation in the near future. According to him, “not in the next few days, but in weeks or months.” Apparently, Moscow has not yet exhausted the limit of patience.

Meanwhile, another publication, The Drive, read in the US, is convinced that the Turkish drones Bayraktar still have a “bright future” in Ukraine. “This is the last conflict (in the east of the ‘square’), where the flagship product Bayraktar is used, which in recent years has already been used with great success by the Turkish troops in Syria, the Libyan government forces in this country, as well as by the Azerbaijani military against the Armenian troops in the disputed Nagorno- Karabakh region. In each case, these unmanned aerial vehicles played an important role in containing the forces of the opposing side, if not in outright defeat them. ” As you can see, the Americans praise the Bayraktar, although sometimes our country has another assessment – “bullshit”.

As for the use of these drones in Syria, their success, even according to Turkish experts, was short-lived. This is largely due to the high level of Russian anti-aircraft gunners and operators of electronic warfare systems, who quickly found an antidote. But in Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh, these UAVs showed themselves really well.

Today, according to The Drive, there are no exact figures for how many Bayraktar actually have the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The information that circulates on the Internet and is even voiced by the politicians of the “Independent” is allegedly unreliable. Probably, there were secret deliveries, since Erdogan once again does not want to anger Putin… But it seems that this page has been turned over, since Bayraktar is now actively building training and service centers in Ukraine, and also, possibly, creating production sites for screwdriver assembly of assassin drones, loved by the blue-blue generals.

The strike on the defenders of Donbass on October 26 became a natural continuation of the flights of these drones, which began in the spring. As soon as these drones appeared near the DPR and LPR, it became clear that sooner or later they would show themselves to the delight of Kiev. Logically, Moscow already then had to declare all airspace in the conflict zone a no-fly zone for any type of aircraft.

“It’s not difficult to understand why Ukraine acquired TB2,” The Drive seems to be mocking in this regard. It is also noteworthy that Kiev decided to launch a drone attack after the visit of the Minister of Defense Lloyd Austin to Kiev earlier this month. “I would simply note that no third country has the right to veto decisions on NATO membership,” the head of the Pentagon replied to a Ukrainian journalist’s question about how Russia opposes Ukraine’s NATO aspirations. He also added: “Ukraine has the right to independently determine its future foreign policy, and we expect that they will be able to do this without any external interference.”

In response, Russia “bombed”, recall, Ukraine with the words of the same Zakharova: “This not only provokes tensions along the contact line in Donbass, but also raises serious questions about Washington’s commitment to its own statements about its readiness to assist in the implementation of the Minsk agreements.”

Thus, instead of reacting adequately and equally, Moscow confines itself to statements by the Russian Foreign Ministry and the transfer of troops to the Ukrainian border, declaring, however, about non-aggression against Ukraine. No, no one is urging the Kremlin to “deal with the Banderaites.” But, by the symmetrical response of the Russians, the author of The Drive article means, for example, the use of powerful electronic warfare systems that would paralyze any radio communication at all to the entire possible depth of Ukraine, as soon as shock UAVs rise into the sky. There are such systems in the RF Armed Forces, as well as anti-aircraft weapons for the destruction of drones over the conflict zone.

And it’s a no brainer that Kiev will not stop, Turkish-made shock drones will be used in the future, killing the defenders of the Russian Donbass. At the same time, judging by the pause taken, Ze & Co are waiting for Moscow to cool down a bit in order to commit a crime again. Apparently, Lloyd Austin advised “to kill with Bayraktar a little bit, but regularly.”

On the one hand, Zelensky and his “quarters” want to intimidate people living in the DPR and LPR with such stinging tactics. Say, “separatists” and “quilted jackets” will know that they can be killed at any moment with the help of “smart bombs” with laser guidance. On the other hand, “the operational capabilities offered by TB2 can also leverage Kiev officials in any future negotiations with the Kremlin on a potential resolution to the conflict,” writes The Drive.

So far, Moscow has managed to keep Kiev on a short leash, but today, in the face of a severe energy crisis in the “independent”, the Ukrainian authorities, as suggested by the “Free Press”, will “warm” the hulks with hot news about the killings with the help of Turkish dorons.

If the defenders of Donbass, having received electronic warfare and air defense systems from Moscow, will shoot down Bayraktars at every opportunity, justifying this by self-defense (they say, the devil only knows whether they are conducting reconnaissance or preparing a strike), then the Ukrainians will sooner or later start looking for a new wunderwaffe. However, if everything is limited to “formidable statements” by Zakharova and talk showman Solovyov, then the tragedies on the Donbass land will be repeated with frightening regularity.

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