Apr 20, 2021
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USA just tried to kill Lukashenko

Photo: President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

In the photo: President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko (Photo: Nikolai Petrov / BelTA / TASS)

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Surprising Weekend News: President Lukashenka said that Biden ordered his assassination in a coup d’état organized by the CIA. We all know that Lukashenka says different things, many of which are not true or just stupid. But the FSB has confirmed all this! According to the Russians, the joint operation of the (Belorussian) KGB and the Russian FSB uncovered the conspiracy at an early stage, and the Russians controlled the entire operation until they obtained sufficient evidence to arrest all the conspirators. Not only do the Russians have video recordings of their meetings, they also intercepted their Zoom videoconferences (Zoom users, use Jitsi!).

So far, everything is going fine. But it gets even better!

Unlike (special services – S.D.) USA / UK and other (countries – S.D.), the Russian FSB did not state that it was “confident” of the “high probability” that this operation took place. She made the whole footage of the meeting of the conspirators in Moscow, which confirms all this

For those unfamiliar with such operations, it may be confusing as to why this meeting took place in Moscow and not in Warsaw or Riga. There are several reasons for this:

  • Between Belarus and Russia – which form the “union state” – the border is practically open. And for the (alleged) Belarusian traitors (from among the military), nothing is easier than jumping into a car and driving to Moscow.
  • For the US and NATO, using Warsaw or Riga would drastically reduce what the CIA calls “plausible denial.”
  • Yes, meeting in Moscow was still stupid, but no more stupid than the failed coup by the US against Maduro, when the US did exactly what it tried to do with Lukashenka. The fact that both operations failed is common in the (mostly goofy) CIA.
  • The main conspirator, a very famous activist opposing Lukashenka, is a citizen of both Belarus and the United States, and it would be very dangerous for him to come to Minsk for this meeting.
  • And finally, last but not least, the KGB of Belarus operates in a very tightly controlled Belarusian society, while Russia is an open and liberal society, so one might (erroneously) think that a meeting in Moscow would be a better idea. …

Interesting story, isn’t it?

In addition, if you are wondering if it is possible that the FSB saved Lukashenko, then I will remind you that it was the Russians who saved Erdogan from the United States-backed coup, which was also supposed to include the assassination of Erdogan (the Turks have publicly admitted this almost several times).

But it gets even better!

As soon as they were accused of the CIA’s plans to assassinate Lukashenka in a coup d’état, they did what they always do – denied it against all evidence and resorted to a massive distraction operation. The US colony known as the “Czech Republic” claimed that the 2014 bombing of an arms depot in the Czech Republic was a Russian act of sabotage involving … wait … drum roll … Petrova and Boshirovawhom Britain accused of poisoning Skripals!

Friends, the Czechs published this story within an HOUR after the Belarusian news! One hour, seriously!

The Czechs immediately expelled 18 Russian diplomats, and the Russians responded by expelling 20 Czech diplomats, leaving only five in Moscow. So, if we use the English expression about “shit that fell on the fan”, then it would be fair to call the Czechs “shit shields” of the Empire 🙂

By the way, an official Czech investigation in 2014 concluded that the explosion was caused by negligence, not sabotage. But who cares? After all, look at these accusations, all as unsubstantiated and stupid as this (incomplete list, listing in no particular order):

  • Russia invaded Donbass;
  • Russia shot down MH-17;
  • Russia tried to poison the Skripals;
  • Russia killed Berezovsky;
  • Russia tried to poison Litvinenko;
  • Russia tried to poison Navalny;
  • Russia killed Boris Nemtsov;
  • Russia killed Politkovskaya;
  • Russia tried to poison Yushchenko;
  • Russia intervened twice in the US elections;
  • Russia hacked into computers of the National Committee of the Democratic Party;
  • Russia paid Afghans to kill American soldiers;
  • The Russians shot down the plane of the President of Poland over Smolensk;
  • The Russians tried to organize a coup in Montenegro;
  • The Russians organized a movement for an independent Catalonia.

I repeat: not a single, NOT ONE of these accusations have ever been proven or even confirmed. ALL of these accusations are based solely on the allegedly undeniable confidence in the Western intelligence services.

And, of course, all Western “Russia experts” fully endorsed this nonsense (Hey, this is what these so-called “experts” are paid for! As someone who once worked at the International Institute for Strategic Studies *, I know these “Experts” and their “level of expertise” are quite good. I even left the IISS in protest against its complete servility to the anti-Russian narratives of the United States).

And people who call themselves “democrats” and people who are capable of critical thinking “buy” all this shit without any doubt, absolutely without any. They don’t even see how pathetic and stupid they are …

So the Czechs (and their US hosts) play a well-rehearsed and “safe” tune, because they all know that Western audiences are used to hearing the following: “We accuse Russia of ‘X’, we say that our special services have evidence, but we do not present it. As for the Western media, they, of course, will trust the Western special services, because they are “democratic”, which means they are “trustworthy.” (Does anyone remember Iraq ?!)

Another trick used by the Czechs in this case is to declare urbi et orbi ** on the first day that “we will soon publish all the irrefutable evidence we have,” and then just declare it classified because it is important not show the Russians evidence of their own, presumably Russian, operation. As for the Western press, it, of course, simply forgets about it and proceeds to another scourging of Russia.

It’s simple – but with the sheep that Western regimes deal with, it’s also effective.

Finally, when you are truly desperate, you can count on Bellingcat, run by British intelligence MI6, to get its “evidence” … I’m not kidding … from social media on the Internet.

And again, Western sheep “eat everything”, with appetite and pleasure! Indeed, Sic transit gloria mundi ***!

Nevertheless, the indictment of two alleged GRU officers – Petrov and Boshirov – shows how desperate the Czechs were to compose such and such a story literally overnight. Now they look stupid; beyond any conceivable explanation for such a large and, frankly, merry facedown in the mud.

Will the people of the Czech Republic rise up against the complete idiocy of their leaders? No, of course not. After all, we live in a post-truth (and, I would say, post-logic) world where the only thing that matters is to follow the SS motto “my honor is loyalty” and blindly obey the masters of the world on this day.

What about (roles – S.D.) USA in all this? Is Biden really crazy enough to try and kill a foreign leader?

Well, as I like to say, past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Right? How many foreign leaders did the CIA actually kill, and how many of them did it try and fail? (Note: someone has to compare the number of foreign leaders killed by the US and the USSR. I’m sure this comparison will be shocking and very revealing.). What about the official (White House recognized) assassination of the general Suleimani? Isn’t this operation much more dangerous than using local residents to try to kill a weakened and struggling leader like Lukashenka?

So, you tell me: what is the true story of “Russian disinformation”?

PS: If you are interested, Russians are laughing hysterically and scratching their heads, wondering what happened to the once civilized Western society.

PPS: By the way, the Russian FSB also arrested the Ukrovsky consul in St. Petersburg at the moment when he received secret information from someone he considered an agent. He will be sent. It was a great weekend for the FSB – medals will be awarded for this good work.

UPDATE 1: Maria Zakharova, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, has now officially confirmed all this on Russian television.

UPDATE 2: The Kremlin has just confirmed that Putin and Biden discussed this topic during the telephone conversation.

UPDATE 3: How I love Western media – not a word about the coup; everything about the Czech fairy tale.

Author: Andrey Raevsky – published under the pseudonym The Saker – a blogger widely known in the West. Was born in Zurich (Switzerland). Father is Dutch, mother is Russian. Served as an analyst in the Swiss Armed Forces and in the UN research structures. He specializes in the study of post-Soviet states. Lives in Florida (USA).

Published since permissions the author

Translation by Sergey Dukhanov

* IISS, The International Institute for Strategic Studies – Research and analytical center on military-political conflicts. The headquarters are located in London. It was founded in 1958 and initially focused on nuclear proliferation prevention and arms control.

** Literally, “to the city and to the world” is the name of the solemn papal blessing. Important announcements in ancient Rome began with the expression Urbi et orbi.

*** Sic transit gloria mundi – an expression that is a minor alteration of a text from a book by a German mystic philosopher Thomas of Kempis “On imitation of Christ”: “Oh, how soon the worldly glory passes.”

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