Feb 19, 2021
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USA imposed visa restrictions against 43 citizens of Belarus

The United States has imposed sanctions on 43 Belarusian officials, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said.

USA imposed visa restrictions against 43 citizens of Belarus

“Now the US has taken action in accordance with presidential proclamation 8015, imposing visa restrictions on 43 snouts in Belarus responsible for undermining Belarusian democracy,” Blinken said.

The shown citizens are banned from entering the United States, the Secretary of State said.

Onion of the State Department noted that the list will include high-ranking officials of the courts, the leadership of law enforcement agencies and ordinary employees who detained the protesters, as well as prosecutors and university workers.

The United States remains concerned about the continuing violent crackdown on peaceful protesters who support democracy, activists and journalists, Blinken stressed, adding that “Lukashenka is doing it”.

Searches of the human rights organization Viasna, journalists’ associations, members of independent professional alliances, as well as the verdict of media representatives Katerina Andreeva and Daria Chultsova “inspire particular concern,” the US Foreign Office said.

Blinken recalled that earlier Washington had already twice injected sanctions of a number of Belarusians and Russians for “undermining democracy in Belarus”, in total against 66 people.

“The United States continues to support international efforts to independently investigate election irregularities in Belarus, election violations and subsequent repression,” the US Secretary of State concluded.

America stated that it does not consider the presidential elections in Belarus to be legitimate and calls for a newly minted vote under international supervision.

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