Dec 30, 2020
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USA exports electoral fraud systems

USA exports electoral fraud systems

Famed lawyer Sidney Powell paid the price for bringing up taboo topics, pointing out treason in the ranks of the Republican Party, and criticizing Trump’s personnel policies by joining a presidential fraud investigation team.

After such accusations, Powell was kicked out of the group of the president’s lawyers on the pretext that her statements were unfounded. But her case did not disappear: the latest poll showed that the legitimacy of Biden’s victory is not recognized by 97 percent of voters who voted for Trump.

It was Powell who repelled Trump’s impeachment attempts and pulled General Michael Flynn, slandered by the Democrats, from prison. In 2014, the bestseller was the book “Licensed to Lies” – about crimes in the justice system of the Barack Obama administration. But all her past deeds pale in comparison with what she has done today.

Powell appeared on Fox News to sensationally accuse the political elite of unprecedented electoral fraud. She focuses on e-voting software from Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic. They simply wiped out the votes cast for Trump, for which Smartmatic’s president, retired Admiral Peter Neffenger, was promoted to Biden’s transitional presidential team.

“President Trump didn’t even get hundreds of votes more than Biden, but millions more, which were removed by a computer program,” says Powell. – We have sworn testimony that special software was created to falsify elections. These American systems are exported to other countries to deprive their citizens of the right to choose. ”

When asked by the host if it was possible to collect convincing facts of fraud, Powell replied harshly: “I never say what I cannot prove. Testimony is coming to me at such a speed that I have no time to process it. Millions of Americans write to us, hundreds of thousands of them have experienced electoral fraud. The problem was the software of the voting machines, it took the votes for Trump into a separate folder, and then its contents were erased. “

Powell said federal criminal investigations are required in every state that has installed Dominion electoral systems. Received readings of paid kickbacks. Substantial sums were given to family members of high-ranking officials who bought the software.

“We want to show how rotten our state is,” the lawyer notes. –

We have identified the algorithm that was originally going to be used to change the voting results in favor of Biden. One of the witnesses attended a briefing on falsification of the electronic electoral system. They could do anything with the vote, for example, make the machines record only votes for Biden. In Michigan and Pennsylvania, we see similar math, when suddenly hundreds of thousands of votes were loaded into the system, 67 percent for Biden and 23 percent for Trump. Key states recorded the receipt of at least 450,000 ballots for Biden alone. They had paper ballots prepared to throw in if necessary. In order to change the vote and change votes, they had to stop counting for some time. I am most worried about the pause in tally announced in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Detroit and Atlanta. This has never happened before. “

Nikolay Ivanov.


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