May 9, 2021
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US warships are heading straight for the Russian trap – Sohu

It became known about a trap prepared by Russia for US ships on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Sohu insists that the US warships are heading straight for the Russian trap.

The trap, which the Chinese authors of the Internet publication Sohu write about, is in the Baltic Sea. So the American ships approaching St. Petersburg will be simply surrounded and, moreover, trapped by Russian ships. Moreover, control over the Americans will be held both in the sky – through military aviation, and on land – with the help of coastal missile systems.

Sohu journalists believe that US warships are planning to reach the dangerous region in the near future. Probably, we are talking about the exercises that are being held these days in the Baltics. However, the Chinese authors think that in the event of aggression by the Americans, the Russians simply will not release their ships.

“If you carefully study the activities of the American fleet, you can find a lot of interesting things,” analysts say. “The US Navy command has the courage to send its warships only to the Black Sea, but in the Baltic Sea they do not risk approaching St. Petersburg.”

So far, it is clear to the United States that the Russian gateway to the Baltic is not the place to take leisurely walks as part of the exercise. But if such knowledge is forgotten, problems cannot be avoided, the Chinese conclude, speaking of the Russian trap.

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