Apr 18, 2021
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US warned Russia of consequences in case of Navalny’s death

If Alexei Navalny dies in jail, Russia will face the consequences. This was brought up by Jake Sullivan, National Security Assistant to the American President.

US warned Russia of consequences in case of Navalny's death

He clarified on CNN that while they are discussing specific measures, he is not going to voice them. However, there will certainly be consequences, the Kremlin was warned about this.

The day before there were notifications that the oppositionist, who is on a hunger strike, will be in critical condition.

Doctors examined his analyzes and came to the conclusion that Navalny’s heart could stand up and his kidneys could fail. He has an unnecessary drop of potassium in his body.

Navalny’s supporters announced an emergency rally in support of him on April 21st. The prosecutor’s office demands to recognize FBK as extremists.

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