May 28, 2022
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US wants to supply Ukraine with multiple rocket launchers instead of “Grad” and “Hurricane”

In the photo: soldiers of the Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion, 77th Field Artillery Regiment, launch the battalion's first rocket from a multiple launch rocket system.  The unit is the third fully operational US MLRS battery based in Europe.

In the photo: soldiers of the Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion, 77th Field Artillery Regiment, launch the battalion’s first rocket from a multiple launch rocket system. The unit is the third fully operational US MLRS battery based in Europe (Photo: Official photo by Maj. Joe Bush/TASS)

The administration of the current US president is ready to increase the number and power of weapons supplied to Ukraine as the so-called “military aid”. Advanced long-range missile systems can go to the slaughterhouse. Washington literally next week should announce an increase in the aid package to Kyiv – the list will be replenished with multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS).

The Kyiv regime is tired of being under siege. They want to, even if retreating, but still launch missiles, no longer for tens, but for hundreds of kilometers. And so that the explosions were more powerful, so that more civilians died. Only a bloody mess should, in their opinion, “change the rules of the game,” Izvestia reports with reference to CNN.

Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Financial University Alexander Shatilov believes that the American elites, the President’s entourage Joseph Biden persists in his delusion:

– They once made a controversial bet on the current Ukrainian leadership and therefore can no longer go astray for reasons of principle and are trying to raise the stakes. Although we see that American weapons do not help the Ukrainian army. It suffers colossal losses, retreats, losing territory, and in this situation, it seems to me that Biden and his team should think about fixing the results achieved, about some concessions and compromises, than about building up confrontation.

Perhaps there will be some military-technical replenishment of the Ukrainian army. But now the most important thing is that the spirit of the Ukrainian military is broken. They need not so much weapons as some motivated and strong personnel. And they just don’t exist anymore.
Well, plus everything else, the Americans do not take into account the fact that the Ukrainian military easily throws their weapons on the battlefield – and a lot of equipment, weapons systems supplied from Europe and America end up in the hands of both Russian troops and militiamen of the DPR and LPR .

So, it seems to me that the democratic part of the American elite, as they say, “rested with a horn” and is trying to maintain the relevance of the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia and is in every way inciting the regime Zelensky to confrontation. I think that this will not lead to anything good for Ukraine. It is unlikely that these deliveries can radically change the course of hostilities. And the Europeans will not be delighted. They are now in a moderately compromise mood and understand that further continuation of the confrontation will deal a powerful blow, first of all, to their socio-economic well-being.

“SP”: – Socio-economic well-being is a surmountable matter, and you can endure it. But the West is dealing with a nuclear power represented by Russia. Don’t they think at all that our country can also start to “raise the stakes” and one day – not a very fine day – they can fly great?

– The Americans believe that the supply of these weapons is not a casus belli – a formal reason for declaring war. They expect that there will be no sharp military aggravation of bilateral relations.

And the Russian leadership will find a way to neutralize these supplies. Nobody is interested in starting World War III. In my opinion, at some point the American elite will understand that continuing to support the Zelensky regime and pumping Ukraine with weapons is absolutely pointless…

But nevertheless, for now, the Armed Forces of Ukraine may have at their disposal caterpillar multiple launch rocket systems M270 or MLRS (Multiple launch rocket system – in Russian MLRS), which are already being delivered to more than a dozen countries. As well as a highly mobile artillery rocket system, known as HIMARS, on wheels. It is capable of firing many types of ammunition, and launching missiles up to 300 km away.

Having received this weapon, the Ukrainian side can use it to shell not only the Donbass, but also the territory of Russia. Therefore, in the White House for several weeks and did not notice the tearful requests for the supply of such heavy weapons. They feared that casus belli would still happen.

The West is trying to cheat in every possible way, supplying weapons in roundabout ways and not all systems, but only some, balancing between military supplies to Kyiv and unwillingness to enter into a direct confrontation with Russia.

After all, sooner or later, our country may officially regard the supply of Western battle tanks and combat aircraft as an entry into the conflict, and take retaliatory measures. But NATO, following the development of the situation in Ukraine and assessing all the possible risks associated with the supply of weapons, at some point may still transfer both tanks and fighters to the square.

Military expert, reserve colonel Victor Litovkin believes that in any case we will manage, we simply have no other choice:

– It will be necessary to destroy these complexes on the way, at the moment of crossing the border or right on the border itself. There are bottlenecks in the supply of foreign military equipment to Ukraine, for example, stations where trains are “changed shoes” from the narrow European gauge to the wide Russian one. It is high time to block them, then the trains would not be able to supply American weapons from Poland. Here, for example, on the border of Poland in the city of Zheshev there is a road to Ukraine – this is a three-four-hour journey to Lviv. There the border station should have been liquidated.

Our military leaders, the general staff and the main operational directorate believe that it is better to destroy the incoming heavy military equipment somewhere closer to the areas of concentration. Of course, it is not the job of journalists to tell the generals how to act. They probably understand where it is better to destroy all these M-777 howitzers, M270 multiple launch rocket systems, HIMARS, on what scale – and will continue to do this. They have the opportunity to liquidate all these supplies and dispose of military equipment.

After all, the Americans make money on these arms deliveries – this is all clear. But we have to take measures so that we do not have any complications in connection with this business of theirs.

“SP”: – The heavy military equipment that we are talking about now, in contrast to the Jevelin complexes, is self-propelled – on wheels and tracks, so it can be transported under its own power, including along roads.

“Maybe, but that’s what we have surveillance systems for. There is satellite reconnaissance, there are early warning and guidance aircraft, and there are unmanned aerial vehicles. Controlling the sky over Ukraine, we must carefully monitor all this.

We will destroy even if anything is written on the trucks: “drugs”, “vegetables”, or something else. After all, there may be a disassembled aircraft, as they promised, or the same howitzers. Therefore, all preventive measures must be taken …

Flights over Ukraine by Western aviation are prohibited. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson I really wanted NATO to provide a no-fly zone over Ukraine for Russian aircraft, but this did not happen. And not only because the consequences could become what is called uncontrollable. It’s just that everything is already controlled by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Nevertheless, the European Union intends to support Ukraine with the supply of military equipment. And the FRG wants to supply anti-aircraft installations, modern tanks and howitzers. And Italy confirmed its desire by promising the Ukrainian side an air defense system. The UK is also still deciding whether to send systems to it and would like to do so in conjunction with the US. All of them have a desire, but no opportunity.

In addition, against the backdrop of a deteriorating security situation in the EU, Europeans themselves need something to protect their cities and infrastructure. There has been not only a shortage of ready-made weapons, but also a lack of capacity for their production. There are logistics issues, cyber security issues, and no satellite communications.

And in America, representatives of the Pentagon, led by the US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Procurement and Logistics Bill La Plante met with the CEO of Lockheed Martin to discuss the supply and ramp-up of MLRS production. If they agree, then President Joseph Biden himself will soon appear there, as happened at the Jewels factory.

The Ukrainian authorities are disappointed because of the indecision of the United States and the European Union, they believe that as soon as America is born, other countries will quickly follow its example. But the Pentagon is only promising. And in Ukraine they ask and ask – “every hour.” “We are in dire need of weapons that will allow us to fight with the enemy at a great distance,” reports the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny. He is echoed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba: weapons, weapons and more weapons. And he can no longer hear in response from the Western patrons of the “square” hateful phrase: “We are working on it.”

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