Mar 30, 2021
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US wants to push Iran new nuclear deal

The United States intends to put forward a new proposal for a nuclear deal to Iran this week to begin negotiations, Politico writes.

As noted by one of the sources of the publication, the proposal contains a request to Iran to stop some types of nuclear activities. Among them, work on improved centrifuges and uranium enrichment up to 20%, in exchange, the United States offers to ease some economic sanctions.

It is emphasized that the details are still being worked out, while there is no certainty that Iran will accept these conditions.

It is also added that earlier Washington has already offered Iran to provide access to part of the frozen assets in exchange for Tehran’s cessation of 20% of uranium enrichment. However, Iran refused, offering in turn to suspend uranium enrichment for a month in exchange for lifting all US sanctions. In the United States, this proposal was regarded as “a daring response.”

Earlier, Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov expressed the opinion that the current administration of the White House has “dangerous reflexes.” According to the politician, the United States seems to want to regain its supremacy, but does not know how. He noted that Washington wants to intimidate Iran as well.

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