Oct 19, 2021
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US wants to disarm Interpol

Steve Cohen and George Soros in the fight against the “global spread of authoritarianism”

There is a growing campaign in the American media to lobby for the bill “On Tracking and Preventing Transnational Repression” introduced to the US Congress (Law on Accountability and Prevention of Transnational Repression of 2021 [TRAP-2021]). This act establishes the possibility of non-compliance by US law enforcement agencies with Interpol circulars, including international arrest warrants (international arrest warrant).

Interpol (Interpol) Is the abbreviated name of the International Criminal Police Organization, the main task of which is to unite the efforts of the national law enforcement agencies of the participating countries in the fight against ordinary crime. The headquarters of Interpol is located in Lyon (France).

According to the bill TRAP-2021, Interpol’s “red circular”, as well as other requests from this organization cannot be the only reason for the US government to make a decision to arrest or expel a person mentioned in the document, as well as to refuse him a visa or grant asylum.

“Red circular” (Red Notification) Interpol is a list of criminals who committed especially grave crimes and left the country where the crimes were committed in order to escape justice or escape from serving a sentence for crimes. The Interpol website contains a database of wanted persons with brief information about them, and each member state of Interpol obliged arrest every person on the list if found on their territory. After that, the issue of extraditing him to the country that sent a search request to Interpol is being considered. As of October 18, 2021, 7,711 people were put on the international wanted list.

Bill TRAP-2021 was introduced to the U.S. Congress on July 29, 2021 by Democrat Steve Cohen, Rep. Steve Cohen, and will be before the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Judicial Affairs Committee.

We repeat: the bill states that the “red circular” of Interpol, as well as other requests of this organization, cannot be the only basis for the adoption by the US government authorities of a decision to arrest or expel the person mentioned in the document. This is motivated by the fact that “Some member countries of INTERPOL have repeatedly abused INTERPOL’s databases and processes … for activities of a clearly political or other illegal nature and in violation of international human rights standards, including sending requests to harass political opponents, human rights defenders or journalists.”

The United States, according to the bill, will demand from Interpol statistics of requests and a description of their nature, as well as statistics of refusals to countries in connection with the political background of their appeals. If the law comes into force, then no later than 180 days, the US attorney general and the secretary of state will submit to Congress a report on how INTERPOL member countries have abused the “red circulars” and other requests of Interpol for political and other improper purposes over the past three years.

Opinion processing in support of the Transnational Repression Tracking and Prevention Bill began in the US media even before it was presented to Congress. The very term “transnational repression” was coined in the notorious freedom House, whose budget is 80 percent funded by the State Department. This organization has long turned into an instrument of US foreign policy, becoming a “human rights” truncheon.

Soros-funded portal Just Security began campaigning for a broad fight against “transnational repression” a month before Cohen introduced his bill to Congress. The author of the publication on this portal, Yana Gorokhovskaya, is seriously alarmed by the fact that the Biden administration is not actively fighting the “global spread of authoritarianism” and ominous “Autocrats who are trying to capture their dissidents and activists abroad” with the help of Interpol “red circulars”. A new meme has been invented – “abuse of Interpol”, or “politically motivated manipulations” by the International Criminal Police, with which the US State Department is not fighting as effectively as the Democrats from freedom House

The list of countries abusing Interpol’s “red circulars”, according to the State Department and Freedom House, includes Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, Venezuela, Tajikistan, and Azerbaijan.

July 29, the day of the show TRAP-2021 to the US Congress, on the NATO Atlantic Council portal (Atlantic Advice) ***, recognized by the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation as an undesirable organization, appeared an impressive publication, which cited examples of “transnational repressions”, but in fact – attempts by sovereign states to suppress the subversive activity of “dissidents and activists”, that is, agents of influence of Western intelligence services. Author of the publication, Atlantic Council expert Gissu Nia urged congressmen to support TRAP-2021, placing Interpol’s “red circulars” on a par with murder, torture, kidnapping, disinformation and cyber attacks.

August 18 V Washington mail burst into publication How More bold autocrats own v tool from transnational suppression (How audacious autocrats master the instruments of transnational repression.)

August 28 in editorial Repression Without Borders (Repression without borders) V New York Once urged Congress to support Steve Cohen’s bill as “Authoritarian leaders use their repressive tactics on a global scale”

September 24 American office Transparency international issued a statement calling on the US Senate to support the draft Transnational Repression Tracking and Prevention Bill under consideration in Congress.

The campaign for this bill has already gone beyond the United States. “Interpol has become the long arm of repressive regimes”– writes the British V The keeper in a publication dated October 18, claiming that in some countries, political opponents abroad are pursued with the help of Interpol “red circulars”.

Thus, under the banner of combating mythical “transnational repressions”, the United States embarked on the path of discrediting authoritative international organizations fighting international crime.

Photo: Reuters / Thomas White

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