Jul 7, 2020
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US wanted to make Hiroshima Luna

US wanted to make Hiroshima Luna

In the minds of Washington "strategists" in the struggle for world hegemony sometimes completely apocalyptic ideas are born.

The implementation of one of them threatened to lead to the collapse of civilization. The American historian John Greenwald, studying declassified government documents, came across project A119 - the Pentagon was about to open a lunar front against the USSR.

The project was engaged in a center for special weapons for the air force. A number of famous scientists worked on it, among them was the famous astronomer Carl Sagan. The essence of the operation was the massive bombardment of the moon by rockets with atomic warheads. These attacks were supposed to be a grandiose demonstration of American military power - explosions could be observed from Earth with the naked eye. It was expected that they would play a decisive role in the psychological war with the USSR.

It was planned to add substances to the bombs that would enhance the visual effect of the explosions, creating a brighter glow. The luminaries of science, by the way, explained their participation in a well-paid, but absolutely insane project with a desire to study the composition of the surface of the moon. Fortunately, at the last moment, the Americans were afraid that radiation would fall on their heads from space. No one could say whether the moon would survive after such an attack.

Instead of an atomic explosion on the Moon, the USA took up the Horizon project to create a military base on the Earth’s satellite with a permanent stay of 20 people. To do this, it was necessary to conduct 64 expeditions to the moon. The Pentagon even developed special combat suits for its lunar soldiers. The construction of the base was to be completed by 1966. Obviously, the military and the scientists who served them made good money on this fantastic project. As you know, NASA was able to send the first astronaut to the moon only in 1969, the construction of the lunar base was not discussed.

And at the Pentagon they tried to take control of the human mind and create an army of supermen who did not know the fear. In 1953, scientists from the CIA drunk their colleagues with French cognac flavored with the hallucinogenic drug LSD. Many of the poisoned suffered serious brain damage, and Dr. Frank Olson, struck by schizophrenia, jumped out of the tenth floor of a New York hotel. In 1965, the Fearless Johnny experiment was conducted to test the effectiveness of the British nerve agent VX when spraying it from an airplane. The data on the victims of these tests are still classified ...

Nikolay Ivanov.

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