Sep 15, 2020
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US to deploy record number of fifth-generation fighters in Alaska as a “sign” for Russia

The immediate plans of the American government are to make Alaska the home base for the largest number of fifth generation fighters in the world. State Republican Senator Dan Sullivan said this at a video seminar at the Woodrow Wilson Research Center.

"Combat alert". Published a video of a Russian submarine that surfaced off Alaska

The footage shows how the Granit anti-ship missile is being launched.

- We will have over 100 fifth generation fighters, over a hundred. There is no such thing in any other part of the planet, - he said.

He also said that in recent years the government has revised its views on the Arctic and, after that, its attitude towards Alaska. And with its plans, it "makes it clear" to other countries, including Russia and China, that the United States intends to protect interests in the region.

Previously, Life reported that the exercises of Russian ships off the coast of Alaska caused a stir in the United States.

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Tyulenin Sergey
Tyulenin Sergey

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